MAY 27th - June 3rd, 2019

From May 27th - June 3rd, 2019, we will join for a culminating 7 day retreat at Buckhorn Springs, a retreat center just outside of Ashland, Oregon.  This will be a full week of integration, applied practice, and initiatory rituals.  And fun!  We will feast, rest, celebrate, dance, receive bodywork, and come more fully into the embodiment and sisterhood of the priestess arts. Rituals and experiences will be chosen that foster a greater depth of connection to the specific aspects of Her being that we will have focused on throughout our 9 months together.  This will be a precious, powerful opportunity to bring it all home, and to be together in Her grace.   

  Here is a quick breakdown of the essentials:

BEGIN:  4 pm, Monday, May 27th

END:  Although there may be those of you who need to leave Sunday for work, etc., the retreat actually extends through lunch time on Monday, June 3rd.  Monday morning is a generally very informal time of just gathering, packing, transitioning.  If some women need to leave early, we will adjust to make sure that there is a level of completion all together before early departures.

FOOD:  Three vegetarian meals a day are included, beginning with dinner on the 27th, ending with lunch on the 3rd.

TRAVEL:  If you are flying in, the closest and best airport is the Medford airport.  It is a smaller airport just 20 minutes outside of Ashland.  We will be organizing airport pickup and drop off to and from Buckhorn Springs.

If you are traveling far and want to arrive a day early to integrate and recover, let us know - we can direct you to some options in town for accommodation.


For various reasons, cost can't be on a sliding scale, but has to work more on a scale that accords with what lodging you choose:

Single (private) Room:  $2141

Double (shared) Room:  $1896

There are currently too many hard costs to make either trades or scholarships possible, but extended payment plans are absolutely an option.  This will be such a precious, powerful, extraordinary time together.  I want to be with you all!  If you are called to come, and finances seems a little daunting, then let's just strategize and get you here somehow.  



You can just send it all at once, or a nonrefundable $500 deposit will hold your space.  You can send that one of two ways:
Via paypal to aquamystica@gmail.com. 

Via check to:  AquaMystica, 364 Kearney St, Ashland, OR, 97520

If you do send the deposit, please also email Deonesea at deonesea@hermysteryschool.com with agreements about the payment plan that works for you.  Ideally, we would be complete with payment by the start of the retreat, but if that's a hardship, it can be extended.


It is a slightly complex process to organize the rooms with Buckhorn, so as soon as you know you are joining, please let us know, ideally by the end of February, and we can get your deposit/lodging/details sorted out.  Even if you know for sure you won't be joining, it would be helpful to know that, too.  Although that's ideal, enrollment for the retreat is open till literally the week before, so late miracles are a total option :)

And of course if you have any questions, be in touch and ask away!

I am so excited to be with you all!!