Her Mystery School is based around a 9 month core curriculum.


A basic description of the themes for each month is below:

  • Personal Power

  • True Feminine Magnetism and Charisma

  • Boundaries

  • Unapologetic Presence

ARTIST:  Unknown

  • Nourishing Subtle Sensitivities

  • Arts of Intimate Relationship

  • Healing Heart and Womb

  • Rapturous Union with the Sacred

ARTIST:  A. Andrew Gonzalez

  • Sovereign Sexuality

  • Pleasure, Passion

  • Fertility

  • Sensuality 

  • Untamed Beauty and Radiance

ARTIST:  Helena Nelson-Reed

  • Recovering Meaning from Annihilating Hardships

  • Surrender, not Submission

  • Restoring Sacred Context around Death, Divorce, other Devastations

ARTIST:  Susan Seddon Boulet

  • The Unknown as a Place of Power, not  Fear

  • Shelter, Sacred Comfort

  • Nourishment, Deep Restoration

  • Befriending Darkness, Night 

ARTIST:  E R Hughes

  • Focused Will Force

  • Arts of Deep Feminine Manifestation

  • Transformation

  • Creation, Bringing Vision into Reality 

  • Liberation

ARTIST:  Helena Nelson-Reed

  • Self-Authority

  • Deep Feminine Knowing

  • Healing of Self-Betrayal

  • Trustworthy, Refined Inner Wisdom

ARTIST:  Julie Dillon

  • Purity

  • Grace

  • Transcendence

  • Salvation

ARTIST:  Unknown

  • Your Path as Sacred Woman

  • Integrity and Power

  • Integration

  • Reverence and Devotion

ARTIST:  Howard David Johnson

What can you expect to receive over the 9 months?

  • A teaching, long practice and short practice via audios each week. 


  • Weekly live discussion calls with Jumana (recordings are sent out to those who cannot attend live)

  • Support calls with the mentors

  • Opportunities for focus classes, or "deep dives" into specific practices 

  • Partner inquiry with other women in the school

  • Connection with other women all over the world in our private Facebook group

Your level of participation in these things is optional - some women

desire a great deal of connection, others prefer to journey the school in a quiet, more private way.

How will Her Mystery School integrate into your life?

Simple answer:  In whatever way you need it to.


This is not a spiritual path per se - it is more of a deep feminine approach.  Whatever your chosen spiritual path, religion, age, inclination, or stage of life, please know that sacred Woman is what you bring to it all, to infuse it all with greater life, wisdom, and soul.  

Her Mystery School will enliven, irrigate and illuminate all else in your life.  The rhythmic infusion of deep feminine practice will nourish an authentic intimacy with your woman's soul, and will anchor you in the essence of what you were created to be.  The approach of this school is one of embodiment, revelation that is true for you, and a reverence for the terrain, both mystical and mundane.