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With Jumana Sophia

A four part series of depth teaching and shared ritual arts to companion you through this time of change.

June 2021 - November 2021

 ~ Restoring Your Holy Alliance with Courage, Faith, Wisdom, and the Death That is Life ~

COST:  $40/single; $150/series of four

PLEASE NOTE: You will be receiving all emails (including links to attend the webinars) through the PayPal email address you use to register.

Courage, Faith, Wisdom, and the Death That is Life


She Who Keeps The Keys, Complete Series of Four

The Courage That Endures

Summer Solstice; The Longest Day


The Wisdom That Heals

Autumnal Equinox; Refuge in Sacred Integrity


The Faith That Restores

Lammas; The Feast, The Ripening


The Death That Is Life

Samhain; The Laying To Rest


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