A Women's Mystery School that refines, nourishes, and invokes Her emergence in you

Her Mystery School is a comprehensive, loving, revelatory 9 month immersion into the deep feminine.  We will journey together through the arts of:




The Descent

Dark Mother



Heavenly Mother


The school is a potent long-distance and live program (with group webinar calls, optional in-person immersions, and, when possible, monthly local in-person circles).   It blends the intimacy and flexibility of an intimate, personal at- home journey, and the transformative power of group connection and reflection.  The first year stands alone, but you can choose to continue into up to four more years of study.  In brief:


FIRST YEAR:  A nine month journey of remembrance, rhythmic support and initiation, suitable for those "new to Her path" or experienced within it.  We cultivate a wide range of deep feminine sensibilities, and initiate into greater self-knowing, nurturance, and sacred sovereign Womanhood.  Optional monthly one-on-one mentorship is available.  There is a 7 day immersive retreat at the end, as well as in-person local circles when possible.  For more details, CLICK HERE.

SECOND YEAR:  A second spiral through the nine months, deepening, savoring the teachings.  This deepening is supported by additional inquiry practices.  A certificate of completion is offered at the conclusion of this second year for those who desire it, who have completed all the inquiry practices and who have also applied the teachings to a service offering of some form.  For more details, CLICK HERE.  

THIRD AND FOURTH YEAR:  Entering the third and fourth year (and onward) is an invitation into ever-greater support and revelations on the path, and also more focused study.   Essentially, enrolling after the second year is an opportunity to foster ongoing connection with the other women in the school, the curriculum, and deeper study with mentors or through focus groups.   Facilitator's training and the ordination path are offered for second year and third year students respectively.  


The core curriculum that is introduced and then deepened through all the years is a combination of weekly teaching/guided practice audio bundles, twice-monthly group webinars, partner assignments with other women in the school, as well as supplementary inquiry assignments, gently ritualized at-home practices, and readings.  Essentially, we travel through 9 lunar months, each month focusing on a particular art of the deep feminine.  For each one of the four weeks in a month, there will be a new teaching and accompanying meditation/cultivation practice.  

Her Mystery School distills potent, core deep feminine arts, to create a space for revelation, reclamation, healing, power, and authenticity. Together we will foster an impeccable sisterhood.  

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THE TEMPLE!!!!  Her Mystery School is an offering through AquaMystica Ministries.  We are steadily gathering funds to purchase and steward a donation based temple where trustworthy priestesses who have journeyed through the school can gather, learn, share joy, support each other, and offer service to the community.  If you would like to support us in this endeavor, please consider becoming a sponsor, or benefactor, or benefactress.  Donations are tax-deductible.  More information is HERE.

Jumana is a beloved teacher, mentor, and soul shepherdess.   An ordained priestess with over two decades of immersive experience, she is the founder of AquaMystica, a ministry program and water temple devoted to the spiritual, baptismal, deep feminine practice of the warm water healing arts.  She was a founder and six year co-director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, serving as ceremonialist, initiator, temple dancer, and social architect.  She has facilitated countless women's circles and ceremonies, with a gift for dropping a circle below the story and surface into a truly compelling, potent, revelatory experience that draws from the self-realized depths of each woman.  

To extend beyond her local community, Jumana founded Woman As Temple, a broader offering via online courses, webinars, and women's retreats.  Her course, "Break the Grip of Past Lovers," is one of DailyOM's all-time top ten bestsellers.  There are reflections from women all over the world on the Praises page, revealing how her work and presence have moved other women, in their own words.

Jumana holds the deep feminine mysteries with a safe, soulful, inclusive, powerful, yet practical mastery.  Over the past two decades of immersive study, practice, and refinement she has fostered an integrity of presence and an authentic, living wisdom that her community both deeply trusts and loves.

For Jumana, the deep feminine path is less an exclusive spiritual path, and more of a True approach, an indwelling presence.  The terrain of the holy feminine is both mystical and mundane, a full-spectrum, embodied, paradoxically inclusive realm of revelation that consistently escapes capture in the confines of ideology,  even mythology.  SHE is a living force, rooted in pre-eternity, branching into post-eternity, and showering fruits of all kinds into the present moment.  Although unwilling to be captured or confined, when we turn towards Her, She does make Herself known, and immanently so.  

 Jumana teaches the deep feminine arts in an accessible, reverent way that calls forward the innate potency of Woman as the gift we bring to everything else - our spiritual path, our religious tradition, our families, our lovemaking, our work....everything.  Her Mystery School is a journey of great love and comprehensive depth, an extended, life-changing, soul-making immersion into Her presence. 

The core curriculum for the school unfolds over 9 lunar months, each month dedicated to cultivaton of a particular deep feminine art.  Each of the roughly four weeks in a lunar month is then devoted to a specific aspect of that art.  The teachings as well as the practices, will be intentionally potent, simplified, and relevant to both your inner world, and the universe of relationships, work, home, and life that is your unique universe to serve.  Please CLICK HERE for more information about the general structure of the school.

This is a mystery school......much will be revealed over time, and much of course will remain unknown, but we do have a map!  As we journey into each of the deep feminine arts below, we will do so through a delicate and thorough weaving of wisdom teachings, meditation practices, inquiry, and applied life action.  There will also be a hearty seasoning of mystical writings, poetry, and the archetypal.  We will find ourselves in Her remembrance, secure in a feminine lineage more ancient than time, but also profoundly relevant to the now.  


This is not a spiritual path per se - it is more of a deep feminine approach, a drawing from the Well.  Whatever your chosen spiritual path, religion, age, inclination, or stage of life, please know that sacred Woman is what you bring to it all, to infuse it all with greater life, wisdom, harmony, and soul.  The living waters of Her Mystery School will enliven, irrigate and illuminate all else in your life.  The rhythmic infusion of deep feminine practice will nourish a series of intimate, life-changing self-revelations, and will anchor you in the essential foundation of what you were created to be.  We will be dancing in Her gardens - the approach of this school is one of embodiment, revelation that is true for you, and a reverence for the terrain, both mystical and mundane.  

Reclamation ~ Power ~ Sovereignty

ONE Unto Herself

We begin by reclaiming essential energy, voice, energetic poise and reverence.  We will establish a foundational sense of deep feminine power, residency in the womb/sacred bowl, coming to sit on the throne of personal sovereignty.  



Love ~ Passion ~ Rapture

Subtle Nectars

Entering into the mysteries of embodied communion, we will renew and celebrate the rapturous covenant between Woman and the World Soul.  True communion is made possible by a foundation of discernment and self-knowledge.  Behind the veil of all things, all relationships, all circumstance, all of Creation, is a subtle, cherishing nectar that is necessary for the thriving of the feminine soul.  


Fertility ~ Nurturance ~ Pleasure

Goddess of Love

Cultivating the practices of deep feminine fertility, nourishment, and sensuality, we will turn toward the endlessly generous, infinite inner springs, remembering ourselves to be oases in the desert, ever-generative, regardless of circumstance. Woman is a Garden of Paradise.


Death ~ Loss ~ Annihilation ~ Resurrection

Inanna, Queen of Heaven

Every woman, often many times, must make the Descent.  Shedding all that we believed ourselves to be, losing what is precious to us, annihilated by grief, disorientation, pain, we descend.  We are stripped of all, and must surrender to the great un-making of the descent in order to rise again.  The arts of the Descent bring awareness, courage, strength, and sacred context to the many experiences of devastation that visit all of us. 


Shelter ~ Mystery ~ Immanence

Embrace, Nourishment

Faced with the unknown, unseen, or uncontrollable, together we turn to the Dark Mother, claiming the birthright of shelter in Her, shedding our fears, our limitations, our sense of aloneness and separation from Her presence.  It is She who was before, who remains with us through life, regardless of the path chosen, and who will receive us in the end.  We answer the question - in whose hands am I, truly?


Redemption ~ Transmutation ~ Liberation


Woman is made to be touched by life, and then to bring all around her to a higher order, a greater harmony, a clearer truth more aligned with the great Natural Laws.  Glory, liberation, and true illumination are the gifts of the Alchemista, and we will cultivate specific practices for transmuting emotional, psychic, and difficult energies, both within and around us.  We will also travel the path of deep feminine creation principles, bringing to life a dream or vision not yet manifested, held dear but perhaps daunting in its magnificence.  


Indwelling Guidance ~ Truth ~ Ancient Knowing

Pythia, Oracle of Delphi

The most trustworthy source of guidance we can turn towards is the indwelling oracular presence, the voice of the ages that rises up through us and offers simple guidance relative to the path ahead, the crossroads we face, the choices we must make.  With sacred regard and a commitment to deep listening, we will anchor ourselves solidly on the seat of ancient intuitive power, the throne of self-authority.  


Purity ~ Grace ~ Eternal Love

Queen of Heaven; Mary, BirthGiver of God

Woman is made to call down the Heavens, to cultivate purity, and become a dwelling place for heavenly lights.  Mercy, grace, the mysteries of the Immaculate Conception, and an embodied, true relationship to the eternal, the vast, the cosmic.  Light upon light.  


The Path of Sacred Woman


This cycle is one of completion, integration, and rest into the harvest of all that we have journeyed through thus far.  We will enter the archetype of priestess, Woman as one who knows how to empty and surrender so that power and grace much bigger than her can have their way with her, and infuse the rightness of her actions.  This is a month of allowing all that has been given through the journey to settle, to be absorbed, and to become an authentic part of you.  


Certificate of Completion

  • A second, deeper year through the basic curriculum 

  • Monthly comprehensive inquiry questions and reflections

  • Submission of inquiry assignments to receive a certificate of completion





Certificate Plus Mentorship

  • A second year through the basic curriculum and submission for certificate 

  • One 75 minute private mentorship sessions each month

  • Additional teaching from your mentor each month






  • A nine month master class for women who want accountability, profound support and guidance on their chosen sacred path

  • Taught by Jumana, includes bi-weekly live discussion calls 


  • Nine months of transmissions and practices that parallel and deepen the basic curriculum 

  • Only available by application and for women who have already completed a year of the basic curriculum

  • Qualifies for a Certificate of the Sacred Arts 

  • Limited to 13 Women






All women who enroll or complete the first year of the school can continue in many ways:

  • Walk through the nine months again, with support, for as many years as you wish

  • Submit for a Certificate of Completion in second year

  • Private mentorships, or private sessions with mentors

  • Retreats

  • Shorter term focus classes that develop particular topics in the school

  • The School of Sacred Woman


 For basic enrollment in years past first year:  $25-255/month

All other classes, retreats, programs and mentorships are additional.  


We offer four to six retreats a year, in beautiful locations that offer sanctuary and a safe space in which to nourish, clarify, heal, and set free what may have become imprisoned in you.  

In May of every year we hold a seven day immersion open only to students of the school, but all other retreats are general registration.


Ashland, Oregon

September 19th - 21st, 2019



Sierra Hot Springs, California

October 18th - 20th, 2019


Three part audio series:


A three part audio series that celebrates and describes the terrain of archetypal sexuality, going much deeper into the archetypal power of female sexuality, how to thrive as a sexual being, how to navigate the power and vulnerability that are the truth of intimacy.

"Whether you're in a committed lovership, yearn for one, avoid them, fear them, or consistently "fail" at them, this audio bundle offers perspectives and wisdom sourced from deep feminine lineage and a deep feminine approach to the mystery of sexuality, the true form of fidelity, and the ecstasy of union. 
In the current cultural climate of inherited confusion and disconnection, it can be challenging to know and clarify your deeper truths.  Social/cultural limitations can trap you in what seems like a spectrum of choice - from conventional morality to radically expressive freedom - but that is really just a play of repression and it's answering recklessness."

9 Month Online Program:



A nine month journey into the deep feminine with women from all over the world.  It's extraordinary, touching on not just female sexuality, but female being as a whole.  The way we hold ourselves and live all aspects of our lives will be reflected and amplified in sexual intimacies.  This is a place to take it all deep, receiving rhythmic support, nourishment, teachings and practices that will reveal you to yourself.

The next cycle begins September 28th, 2019, and registration is officially open.