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With Jumana Sophia


Restoring Your Holy Alliance with the Love That Abides

Webinar Recording - Initial Teaching and Practice

Webinar Recording - Integration

Guided Practices:

Sanctification and Restoration in the Congress (Lovemaking) of Heaven and Earth

RITUAL GUIDANCE:  The invitation is to prepare the space for your personal ritual and then to first listen to the Sanctification practice to attune to the Lovemaking of Heaven and Earth before moving into anointing and the rest of your ritual.  You can return to this practice as often as you wish, to continue to deepen in the state of She Who Blesses.


The second practice, Restoration in the Congress of Heaven and Earth, is a practice for integration after your personal ritual and ongoing attunement throughout the six weeks until the next turn of the wheel.  This is a shorter practice that will guide you into a state of restoration, repair and resource.  It's a great practice for the end of the day and before sleep, or any time you need to regroup and re-align.  

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