Loving your Vessel!

This is a simple list, intended for reference, rather than overwhelm :)  

I just wanted to give you some places to begin or to consider if you are in search of deeper care for your physical body, beyond the basics of hydration, eliminating stress when you can, eating according to your own sense of what is best, resting well and often, and getting into Nature.  Nature is THE healer.   Everything I included below is included because it heals through Nourishment, and often through pleasure.  

Behind a LOT of things - insomnia, anxiety, depression, moodiness, lethargy, etc., can be some very simple brain chemistry imbalances.  Some of us have had major success with The Mood Cure by Julia Ross.  It is a book and guide to both self-assessment and simple, affordable supplemental care. If there is a "mood" you identify with a lot of the time, it may not be that it's a real mood at all - it might be a call to restore balanced brain chemistry.  

You can CLICK HERE for the self-assessment test, link to the book, etc. 

Brain Chemistry


This has become a staple for me, and is an incredible support for restoring the fundamental energy and resiliency of the body.  I broth all the time, and take broth every day.  Deeply nourishing, and can be made with or without animal products - bone broth, chicken broth, or veggie potassium broth.  Chicken broth in particular has the capacity to actually heal the lining of the stomach, which is why it was so often prescribed as folk remedy for gastro-intestinal distress, flus, etc.  I added some recipes at the bottom, just taken as photos from material I received when I took the Food as Medicine brothing course here in Ashland with Victoria Markham.  She was happy for me to share, and if you want to reach her for any reason her email is victory@mind.net. 


The one cleanse I have been able to really do with some success is the Purium 10 Day Transformation.  I chose to do it a couple of times over the past two years, partly to cleanse and shed some stagnant weight, partly to clear out a whole lot of emotional toxicity that I sensed in my system.  It was really powerful for me, more so than I even expected, and it catalyzed quite the rebirth of life energy.  I know there are other great cleanses out there, but the reason this cleanse worked so well for me is that it focuses on cleansing through nourishment rather than cleansing through deprivation and depletion.  I just really couldn't afford to be out of commission on any level, spacy, or terribly cranky, but I needed to cleanse.  It's a very pure, whole foods based 10 day cleanse program with options for continuing on with integration into daily life.  I love their ethic and also completely trust the quality. The cleanse also includes the option of adding an extra meal at the end of each day to maintain groundedness and satiety, which was super key for me.  

You can check it out HERE.  You have to order through a distributor, and I do have a distribution account because it gives me a discount and I have continued using their products.  Which means I can also get you a discount.....so if you check it out and feel drawn to it at any point, let me know so I can hook you up!

I have found that making a bedtime cocktail from minerals, aloe, and tart cherry concentrate is really helpful.  Tart cherry contains naturally occurring melatonin, and tons of antioxidants.  Our diets and lives are generally depleted of minerals, which support everything, and aloe is soothing for the system.  I get mine from Purium, but I know that such things can be found elsewhere as well. 

Your skin is your biggest organ and very important for overall health, cleansing, and vitality.  It is SO nourishing to take care of your whole body's skin.  Super cheap and at home:  get a dry skin brush (HERE is an example); brush your entire body, gently but with good contact, always brushing toward lymph centers like the groin and armpits; apply sesame oil or coconut oil all over your body (warm if it can be!); rest there for 5 - 10 minutes or so if you can; get into shower and do at least three hot/colds - water hot to bring your blood to the surface of the skin, water cold to send it back to the internal organs.  It's like squeezing out your sponge.  Detoxifying, nourishing, and awakening.  End on cold.  

CBD Oil - This is actually new for me, but I mention it because I am a week in, working with some chronic, complex imbalances I've had (specifically headaches) and experiencing some really positive results, which confirms both studies I've read and intuitive hits I've repeatedly had.  CBD oil is oil extracted from the hemp plant.  CBD is an entirely different set of chemical compounds than THC, which is the psychoactive element of cannabis that makes people "high."  Both are being shown to have big medicinal value, in different ways, but CBD is the obvious avenue for those of us, like me, who aren't served by the THC experience.  My experience with CBD so far is that I don't "feel anything" major but in a very subtle way my energy gets clearer, my body and mind are soothed and relaxed, and if I'm in pain (headache for instance) it lessens or disappears.  I get focused and I notice I have a much harder time being negative or getting swept away by negative fantasies, or draining circumstances/thoughts.  I'm sleeping really well too. CBD is body-centered healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and very much healing for the digestive tract.  I think of it as the ultimate adaptagen - it feels to me that it somehow addresses the core of my wellbeing, rather than just symptoms, which is why I'm so excited about it.  I am just getting to know it, but wanted to mention it, because there are lots of positive results in general with CBD and the one I have been introduced to is actually approved by the FDA and legal anywhere, which means those of you who are living in states where dispensaries have not been legalized, can still have access to the medicine.  I don't yet have a distribution account but either will get one or can get you in touch with the woman I have been getting it through if it's something you feel drawn to.  


Don't forget that the breath is always there, free and uncomplicated.  Returning again and again to breath awareness of the present moment will help you find center and give you sanctuary from all the swirling thoughts and currents.  Don't fight for it or stress over it, just return to the breath whenever you remember, or turn to it as a source of anchor in the goodness of the present moment.   

Integrative Modalities

You may or may not know which healing modalities really work for you, and there are a TON. But here is a short list of some that offer integration, nervous system support, and adrenal rejuvenation. I think of them as the modalities that get you open enough to receive the healing that is already wanting to happen, and just waiting for you to settle down and embody enough to receive it :)





AQUATIC BODYWORK (so special!)


(I haven't experienced this yet, but it is simple and apparently amazingly effective, according to general studies and the personal accounts of friends of mine)

A note about healing modalities......consider that healing experiences don't need to re-traumatize you in any way in order to be effective.  In fact, sometimes extreme catharsis, re-living traumas, and repeatedly re-visiting traumas can further shatter you, and create an even deeper need for integration.  Gentle, rhythmic repatterning and embodied modalities can move things out and bring you present, often in an integrated way that leaves you truly more whole.  

Brothing Recipes