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The Healthy Boundaries Intensive

with Jumana Sophia

Recorded Immersion, details below.

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Artist: John William Godward


An intensive class devoted to the deep feminine arts of setting boundaries that truly set you free.

This immersion with Jumana is a depth practicum all about "boundaries,"  

drawing on simple, potent deep feminine practices sourced from HER Mystery School curriculum.  

When we create boundaries and speak truth with deep feminine poise:

We act from trustworthy discernment, not judgment.

We become more potent in the face of challenges, not more exhausted.

We become more supple over time, not more rigid. 

We create more intimacy, not less.

Unapologetic and neutral, deep feminine boundaries will set you free.  

They are the banks of your river - clear and strong they shape the river of your life in a Good Way. 

Intensive classes are opportunities to cultivate the deep feminine skillful means we need in order to gather power, initiate change, be honest with ourselves, and reunify with holy wisdom.  

Arrive to this time as you are, in all that you are. Honest, open. I will meet you there, but I won't leave you there.

The life you return to after our time together will be different...... a more True expression of your deepest being, made "right," by the simple grace of holy wisdom and the strength of our togetherness.

This half day intensive includes:

  • 60 minute recorded opening webinar devoted to depth exploration of "boundaries" as they are understood from a deep feminine perspective.

  • 60 minutes off screen for personal reflection, self-care, and integration.

  • 90 minute recorded video meeting to get practical, connect, address the specific challenges in your life, and move some energy.

  • Simple, effective guidance for preparation and long term integration.

This is about fundamentally changing the way you relate to boundaries, all kinds of relationships, your need for peace and protection, and even your ability to set limits with the momentum of your own less-than-skillful ways.  We will enter practice, inquiry, reflection, and accountability together.  You will be guided to identify your clarities and misunderstandings about what healthy boundaries really are, how they function, why they sometimes don't, and how to truly set yourself free.  You will make authentic, life changing shifts in how you relate to your life, the people in it, and the decisions in front of you.  There will be depth teaching as always, but we're going to break it down and get very practical too.  You will gather the knowing of what makes a truly healthy boundary, but also specifically how you can and will do that in your own life right now.

Join me for this recorded immersion in the cultivation and tending of healthy boundaries and the deep feminine sensibilities that make them powerful.  We will turn together toward the deep feminine wisdom stream of HER Mystery School, and we will Change. This. Game.  

This immersion includes two recordings, a webinar and a video meeting.

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The Healthy Boundaries Intensive



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