Learn how to stand in your power and speak your needs without apologies

with Jasmine Patten

Enjoy this 3 class series anytime!

Having boundaries that are too loose or too rigid can can cause discomfort, struggle and confusion.


Signs that your boundaries need tending to are feeling like you get stepped on, like you give more than you receive or that you’re so rigid that nothing can get in and you must effort to maintain “protection”.


  • How can you have boundaries that help you feel safe?  

  • How can you truly know what it is that you need?

  • And how can you speak your boundaries in a way that can be heard?


We’ll explore and answer these questions in this 3 part class series.


Through thought provoking inquiries, guided meditations, and short teachings, you’ll discover more deeply what your boundaries are, how to trust them, and how to express them.


We’ll approach boundaries from a deep feminine place that honors your truth as it lives in your spirit and your body.


The themes for the class are:


Week 1 - What are Your Boundaries?

In order to have healthy boundaries, you must first know yourself.  Learn more about how to know when your boundaries have been crossed.  Discover how to tease apart your true needs from what others want or expect of you.


Week 2 - Building Trust in Yourself and Your Inner Wisdom 

Once you know yourself better, trusting yourself and what your Inner Wisdom says is key to sitting in your power and really embodying your boundaries as a way of being.  When you can be in a coherent state of knowing and trusting yourself, it’s much easier to have your boundaries be both heard and respected.


Week 3 - The Power of Language

Speaking your boundaries can be challenging.  Using language consciously makes all the difference in being heard and received.  Learn how to say no with grace and how to speak so that you’ll be heard. Learn the value of clarity and brevity so you can have boundaries with no apologies!


You’ll walk away with:

  • An embodied sense of what is for you and not for you.

  • A pathway to deepening trust in yourself. 

  • Practical tools to help you understand your boundaries and express them with grace instead of apology.

This class is offered on a sliding scale

of $33 - $77

Pay what feels both easeful and generous for you.