Feminine Embodiment Practices

With Deonesea La Fey

Through this online class we will talk briefly about what “Embodiment” actually means as an internal state of being, and then we will spend the majority of the class exploring movement practices that bring that sense of embodied femininity into physicality.  



What does it mean to be Embodied, and how does that actually show up practically in how you inhabit your female body?  How do you move, how do you hold yourself, how do you radiate femininity through your physical expression?



In many ways, these are movements that are natural to a woman’s body, but living in a masculinized culture many women tend to move and express in a linear way, like a male body.  Our time together will be spent doing practices that bring the innate roundness and fullness of a woman’s body into your expression, finding and feeling the femininity of your own body’s instinctual forms of movement. 


Here's to your feminine embodiment! 

This class is offered on a sliding scale of $10-$25, meaning you can choose to pay any amount in that price range 

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