A 9 Month Mentorship with Jasmine Patten

How do you navigate the world of business as a woman on a deep feminine spiritual path?  

Shift overwhelm, lack of focus, and isolation to peace, focus, and support.

This mentorship provides a rhythmic, stabilizing support for creative entrepreneurs and women who want to improve their experience at work that will bring business and spirit into harmony.


Being an entrepreneur and in the workforce can be deeply fulfilling AND totally overwhelming.  There are so many jobs to do, and so many ways that others say you should do them.  How do you know what actions to take, and when?  How do you navigate the world of business as a woman on a spiritual path?


In this mentorship we’ll answer these questions in ways that work for YOU.  We’ll incorporate the teachings of the school and your unique style into how you do business.  This will create a shift from overwhelm, lack of focus and isolation, to peace, focus and support.  


This mentorship includes:

    •    Deep one-on-one coaching that meets you exactly where you are

    •    Practical applications of the teachings into how you do business

    •    Support with creating systems and organization so you can work less, and live more


“She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans.”

-Kobi Yamada


Topics explored as we move through the 9 month core curriculum of Her Mystery School:


Homecoming:  Craft a juicy North Star Statement of power-filled intention for your 9 month journey


Communion:  Connect to the spirit of your work for guidance and support


Paradise:  Activate your magnetism - delicious ways to receive what you want


The Descent:  Shedding the “shoulds”  and becoming a conscious creatrix


Dark Mother:  Pace is grace - Tune in to Nature's rhythms for deep support

Alchemista:  Sync with your cycle -  Partner with your body to help your biz


Oracle:  Use your true YES and your NO to guide your business decisions


Heavenly Mother:  What's good for you is good for your business


Priestess:  Celebrate your accomplishments and transformations, Claim your victories! 

"Through mentorship with Jasmine, my second year journey through HMS was deep, rich and nourishing.  My sessions with her truly helped me translate and ground the mystery of the Sacred Feminine into my own body and way of Being.  She held compassionate, sacred space and was a loving mirror as, together, we uncovered and breathed life into authentic pieces of myself that were aching to be embraced and honored".    

- Leah R.

"I ventured into a ‘Spirited Business’ Mentorship with Jasmine Patten, only to discover a new blueprint emerging within my music career. I stepped into an empowered role as a songwriting coach. This has been wondrous and has set me on my musical path with a renewed sense of purpose, strength and authority."


About Jasmine

Jasmine Patten is a business and self-care coach for creative entrepreneurs and freedom loving women. Her passion is supporting women to work less and live more through getting in touch with their own inner wisdom.  She loves helping her clients create systems for efficiency and rhythms for nourishment so that life flows with more grace and ease.


She has been an entrepreneur for 18 years, and is also a devotee of self-care, a dedicated student of her body, and a lover of nature.  Jasmine has studied with Jumana for the last 7 years in lovely Ashland, OR, where she calls home.


When she’s not working with clients, laughing with friends, or exploring the beauty of Southern Oregon (by foot or by kayak), you can find her at www.jasminepatten.com.



If you have questions about the mentorship, or would like to know more about Jasmine and want to see if it’s a fit to work together, you can schedule a 30 minute complimentary Discovery Session by clicking the button below.

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