Her Mystery School is timed on a 9 month LUNAR calendar, so that we can become more aware of the movement of this cyclic heavenly body that has been woven with Woman from the beginning.   

In relationship to the solar calendar, which has a linearity to it, a regularity, the lunar calendar cycles and shifts through the days.  I realize this may make it a little confusing to you when you are wondering when the next transmissions will arrive in your inbox, so I have created the date list below.  It is simply a list of the Dark and Full moon dates within each of our months.  The first transmission of each month will arrive on the day after the dark moon, the third on the full, with the second and fourth right in between.  

Homecoming Dark:  Thursday, Sept. 1st

Homecoming Full:  Friday, Sept. 16th

Communion Dark:  Friday, Sept. 30th

Communion Full:  Saturday, Oct. 15th

Paradise Dark:  Sunday, Oct. 30th

Paradise Full:  Monday, Nov. 14th

The Descent Dark:  Tuesday, Nov. 29th

The Descent Full:  Tuesday, Dec. 13th

Dark Mother Dark:  Wednesday, Dec. 28th

Dark Mother Full:  Thursday, Jan. 12th

Alchemista Dark:  Friday, Jan. 27th

Alchemista Full:  Friday, Feb. 10th

Oracle Dark:  Sunday, Feb. 26th

Oracle Full:  Sunday, Mar. 12th

Heavenly Mother Dark:  Monday, Mar. 27th

Heavenly Mother Full:  Monday, Apr. 10th

Priestess Dark: Wednesday, Apr. 26th

Priestess Full:  Wednesday, May 10th

Completion, Dark:  Thursday, May 25th