Her Mystery School is a nine month long online program for women.


The next session begins September 17th, 2020

Registration is open now  



This is a place where you are held by women skilled at the art of eliciting your own power, clarity, truth, and faith.   

Founded and created by Jumana Sophia, Her Mystery School is a profoundly inclusive journey into the heart of sacred Woman, embracing women of all religious, racial, generational, and social/financial backgrounds.


We journey together through nine months of



 Emotional Safety

Reawakened Passion


Personal Power


You may be curious, you may be called.  You may know why, you may have no idea.

If so, and in all the complexity that you are,

you are welcome. 

Her Mystery School will support you to disregard all that you have been taught to believe, and to claim the self-authority of what you KNOW.

To honor and more deeply understand all the hardships you have endured.

To love being a woman in ways you never imagined possible.  

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For more about the specific structure and curriculum of the school, please visit the Curriculum page HERE.  

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