When Sex Becomes Soul Custodianship


Dakota Chanel interview with Jumana Sophia

 Soul, Safety, Effortless Orgasm, Integrity,

and the Authentic Reclamation of Female Sexuality 

This was a precious and unique interview for me.  Dakota has been a student and friend of mine for years, and was the first (and only) woman to ever fully complete ordination with me as a water priestess.  
Because of our shared history, sensibilities around sexuality, love, and the path of sacred woman, the interview brought out more of my personal journey and perspectives around sexuality than I usually share.  We ranged far.....from surrender, to orgasmic techniques (or the freedom from them), to eliciting the King in your man, to my perspective on "having the best sex of your life," and, most dear to my heart, what it means for sex to become soul custodianship.
The interview was an exclusive part of Dakota's Water Priestess mystery school curriculum, specifically in the month dedicated to water and sexuality, but she agreed to let me share it.  
I am doing so on a donation basis, all donations going 100% to sponsor private mentorships for women who join Her Mystery School as part of their recovery from sex trafficking.