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How to Be Smart, Savvy, and Successful in Finding Love

What would it be like to date like YOU are the one in charge? What if dating was like shopping for, and finding, what you really want... instead of an anxiety-ridden attempt at finding love? Regardless of how long it's been since you were actively dating, it always a good time to begin again. And if you are a woman who's never dated and instead you've always just jumped right into relationship with the next guy you felt attracted to... My question to you is this... How's that been working out for you?


Dating is an important tool both to learn and grow ourselves into new ways of relating, and also to determine whether a man is a good fit for us. Dating is a modern day version of traditional courtship rituals that are foundational to creating successful relationships. And in this course we're going to go over all of that in such a way that you feel empowered in your dating life, so that ultimately you can come to be in the kind of relationship you want to be in.



This class will help you...


Learn how to tell the difference between healthy masculine men and the kind of men you want to avoid...

both online and in person.


Learn how to use online dating to your advantage (even if it's never gone well for you before).


Understand men's profiles in a way that you can sort out the great guys from the guys who will waste your time.


Discover ways to meet men in person and find out early on if he's a potential fit for you, or not.


Discover the ways that dating well help to create a beautiful foundation for a relationship to be built on.


Have dating be fun for YOU!!!


So what are you waiting for? It's time you get this dating thing in hand, so that you can find yourself in the relationship where you are cherished beyond your wildest dreams!

Dating Like a Queen includes:

  • 120 minute recorded online workshop on everything you need to know about dating to find the love that you want.

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How to Be Smart, Savvy, and Successful in Love


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