Death Walker

A 9 Month Mentorship with Cynthia LoRe

The face of Death is Love.

Walk the beauty way through the little deaths, and final deaths, the transitions of life.  

The Death Walker woman is one who walks with death as a companion to a more true life, or a woman who is called to companion the death journeys of others.  


The mysteries are coded within her blood, informing her ability to respond to life’s many and sometimes sudden changes, all of life's little deaths.  And, she shows up when and where she is needed, because that is what she does. 


Death Walker is aware of her breath. With each conscious, life affirming inhale she simultaneously holds death close, honoring it as the final rite of all passages to stand in awe before.


As she remembers the wisdom she holds throughout time, she will know how to hold space for dying and death, anoint a life-less body, share genuine words of comfort, or to tend the grieving fire. And, she will feel called to be there.  She will feel her place of power here between the worlds.  


About Cynthia


Cynthia is a gifted communicator, a visionary woman, and creatrix whose teachings are encoded with practical wisdom, insightful perspective, and truth. She lives in devotion to beauty, which informs and excites her call to guide the awakening energies of HER within us as we collectively and individually lean in to and live the paradigm of our highest choosing.


For 30-years, Cynthia has been studying, practicing and living energy awareness as witness to her own exquisitely painful and often sublime journey of remembering. She has walked well the path of the wounded healer to claim her wholeness. Cynthia has a background in the healing arts and has worked with clients in many capacities from all walks of life.


Through HMS Cynthia is mentoring the courses Quantum Queen and Death Walker. She is available outside of these courses for private sessions of personal guidance, long-distance energy healing, and inspired creativity.


Certifications and Experience:
Priestess Initiate of the 13 Moons MS 2016

Hot Yoga Instructor 2010

Usui Reiki Master and Teacher 2005
Clinical Hypnotherapist 2003
Massage Therapist 1997



If you have questions about the mentorship, or would like to know more about Cynthia and want to see if it’s a fit to work together, please schedule a 20 minute complimentary Discovery Session by emailing her: 

The assembly is filled with fragrance

at the mention of Her,

and every tongue utters Her name.

~ Ibn Arabi