Oracle Practice

 Harnessing Anxiety

with Jamila Suzanne

Wednesday August 12 

5-6 pm PST

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~What is the true power of anxiety, the voice of Knowing inside of the chaos?  

~How can you harness the power of anxiety and rise out of feeling overwhelmed, afraid, and out of control?

~How can you differentiate between unfounded anxiety and true protective instinct, so that you can find both security and peace?

Anytime anxiety rises, it serves a purpose.  There is always an underlying instinct beneath anxiety waiting to be acknowledged and uncovered.  

Layer by layer instinct shows itself as a revealing, sober, guardian presence.

Until you can claim the truth you hear from your instinctual sober guardian presence, the voice of anxiety will keep speaking.  

Together in this Deep Dive, we will practice translating anxiety into meaningful discovery.


You will learn to use the wisdom and sensation of your body to map and coordinate a clear path through any resistance that rises.

You will learn how to meet anxiety from a place of understanding and inclusion by befriending the sober guardian presence of instinct.

In this class you’ll receive:

*An audio discussion

*A guided meditation

*A written inquiry

*A live webinar, or the replay if you want to watch later.

Discover the gift of your instinct underneath your anxiety in this special class with Her Mystery School mentor, Jamila Suzanne.

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