Deep Dive into Alchemista

The Power to Harness Your Emotions 

with Jamila Suzanne

Tuesdays August 13, 20 and 27

Classes are at 5pm PST

Each class is 60-75 minutes long

If you would like to participate but can't make the class times,

you can register and receive the replays.


~What can you do with emotions, anxieties, and the energies behind self-sabotage, in a very practical and embodied way?  

~How can you harness the power of unruly, distorted, stuck, or overwhelming emotions?

~How can you come to know ALL of you, all that moves through you, as an ally of power, rather than a distraction or stumbling block?

We'll dive deep into the answers to these questions and use the power of the group field to activate your innate capacity to harness and transmute whatever arises in you, however big or intimidating it may seem .  There will be a strong shared intention within this group setting that will support you to face and embrace the healing you need, in a very simple way, as you step more fully into your brilliant choices in the world.   

In this 3 week series we'll take what lives in you (specifically what troubles or torments you) through the Emotional Transmutation process to harness your deeper power and the wisdom you need to thrive.  


Here's what we'll get deep with in the class:

*Deeply understand the "healing embrace" that begins the unraveling of blocked or distorted (often old) energies in you

*Make the transmutation of your own energies a real, felt, liberating, easy practice that you can depend on

*Relinquish the belief that ANY part of you is anything but an ally for you

*Harness and ride the currents of your energy, rather than fight or collapse under them 

I'm excited to bring this offering to you and look forward to your energetic transmutation!!

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