Deep Dive into Dark Mother

Shadow Practice

with Jamila Suzanne

January 17, 24 & 31

Classes are at 11am PST

Each class is 60-75 minutes long

If you would like to participate but can't make the class times,

you can register and receive the replays.


~Do you tend to mentally over analyze the places in you about which you feel shame, confusion, or pain?  

~Are you harsh with yourself around your wounded places or parts of you that feel stuck, or lost in overwhelming emotions?

~How can you come to gently hold ALL of you, all that moves through you, as a part of you that needs tender care?

Shadow Blessing is a deep feminine approach to your “shadows” or wounded places that will ease and bless your relationship to your inner challenges.


Too often we approach our shadows - the places we feel shame, confusion, or pain about - from an analytical, diagnostic place that just chases the shadow into greater obscurity.


The Shadow Blessing works with the presence of Dark Mother to shelter, incubate, and actually insulate our pain, our troubled histories, our less-than-mature places.  It is often this approach that allows our deeper wisdom (and the wisdom of these shadowed places) to come forward and work real healing, rather than extensive mental or energetic diagnostic gymnastics that fail to touch into the vulnerability that must be touched.

In this 3 week series we'll take what lives in you (specifically what troubles or torments you) through the Shadow Blessing process to soften the dark places so that deeper wisdom and healing can arise.  


Here's what we'll get deep with in the class:

*Embracing a nourishing, honoring, blessing approach to your hard places 

*Wrapping the hard places in incubating, protective darkness rather than exposing them to the harsh lights of analysis and mental complexity.

*Relinquishing the belief that ANY part of you is unworthy of gentle tending


I look forward to being in this blessing with you,

to bringing greater love to the painful parts you hold

Offered on a sliding scale.

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