Deep Dive into Dominion: 

The Power of the Queen

with Deonesea La Fey

January 23 & 30, and February 6

 All classes at 5pm PST


If you would like to participate but cannot make the class times, you can register, have your name called into the group field of each class, and receive the replays.


Understand yourself as the Sovereign of your own personal domain

Learn how to release your grip, your need for control, to surrender into the flow of Life, so that your Destiny can find you

Claim the seat of your own Throne!


We will be utilizing this time during the resting phase of Dark Mother to circle back to our foundational practice of Dominion (from HomeComing), to fully delve into the ways in which grounding into your own personal space creates the great magnetism of the Queen.


To truly embody the energy of Queen - the Sovereign of your own personal domain - you must know how to seek out the nourishment of silence and slow time, decompress the illusory urgencies that press in from the outside, and courageously dissolve the self-created urgencies that have imprisoned you in restlessness, regret, pretension, over-extension and lack of presence in your days.     

Together, we will return to HomeComing, the first arts, the foundation of personal, deep feminine sovereignty.  We will take a look at how you have been developing the willingness, skillful means, and strength to come into full residency of your own life, your own body, your extraordinary capacities as Woman.  By tracking how you have been establishing Dominion -through grounding, gathering, clearing - we will look toward the growing strength of your own personal magnetism...where it feels clear or murky, solid or shaky, powerful or weak...and to what is needed to bring it into greater fulfillment.    

Our journey in Dark Mother is one of reclaiming the deep feminine regenerative power of the dark night, and the renewing substance of silence.  As you move through these practices, you'll be making a place in your world for being held, for accepting the embrace of an endless and mysterious Unknown, and for maturing into Women who cradle life and light and music in the depths of your own dazzling, soundless, fecund darkness.   

In doing so, you learn to Be as you are.  To let yourself not know what you don't know.  To court effortlessness.  To let it all be.


Luxuriating in simple comforts and the contented miracle of the mundane in life...Sovereignty, discernment, being in residency inside your being...This is the realm of the Queen. 


This transmission and our deep dive together will speak to the common theme that many of us share of not having known how to fully hold and contain ourselves in our past.  Together we will explore the relationship between the Dark Mother and the Queen, the relationship between the unknown and empowerment, so that we can bring ourselves into right relationship with ourselves in the present.  We'll be looking at the ways you were taught to be afraid of surrender to the void, to grasp for control rather than flow, to keep yourself always 'doing', thereby avoiding the nourishment of silence and slow time. 


During these three classes we will be working deeply with the practice of consciously bringing yourself fully into Dominion.  As you establish yourself once more between Heaven and Earth, you'll be releasing your grip, creating space for your Destiny to find you.

With our practice, we'll explore the power of Queendom that arises when you are in deep residency of your own personal Dominion, sourcing your power from sitting back into yourself...Restoring you to the seat of your own Throne!



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