Deep Dive into Alchemista

Reconciling Irreconcilables

with Jamila Suzanne

Mondays May 4, 11 and 18

Classes are at 11am PST

Each class is 60-75 minutes long

If you would like to participate but can't make the class times,

you can register and receive the replays.


~What can you do when you are faced with two realities that tear you apart? 

~How can you gather back the parts of yourself that were abandoned at those various choice points throughout your life? 

~How can you keep yourself in a feeling of wholeness rather than fragmentation?

In this deep dive we’ll bring into focus the alchemical practice of Reconciling Irreconcilables.


Together, we'll be deepening into an internal alchemy that resolves the fragmentation and tearing that results when we feel forced to make impossible choices, or to sacrifice important aspects of ourselves. 

Here is where we can focus and potentize the power of our will force, and gather ourselves back into a visceral wholeness rather than fragmentation.  


This practice brings you to the power place of the alchemista, working with oppositional or seemingly impossible dreams/desires/needs to bring you into MORE of yourself as you make choices, rather than fragmentation and lingering restless vacancies.

In this 3 week series you'll be guided to integrate the knowing that:

* We can’t actually be all things at all times

* Life will bring choices between two paths that are equally important, that feel equally necessary to our hearts and souls...and that you can trust yourself to know how to move with them  

* We are full spectrum and NEED to experience all things, even though we can’t DO all things

I look forward to being in this deep dive with you,

to journeying with you as you gather your being into wholeness!!

Offered on a sliding scale.

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