Deep Dive into Oracle

Know Thyself

with Jamila Suzanne

April 3, 10, and 17

Classes are at 5 pm PST

If you would like to participate but can't make the class times, you can register, have your name called into the group field of each class, and receive the replays.


The month of Oracle was jam packed with practices and written inquiry.


In this series of 3 classes, we will take the time to deepen, share and anchor what has been and continues to be revealed for you through Oracular Knowing. 


We will re-visit the place of Indwelling and align with the sensations of Self-Authority.  We will listen to the well within while simultaneously being held by the supportive and safe container of the group. 


Together, we will overview the topics of anxiety and instinct and explore how they are specific to each person, then practice the Recovery of Knowing and return to the Intimacy of Knowing.


Come and hone your capacity to receive and heed life’s signs and signals like an arrow swiftly hitting its target.  The lens and filter through which your intuition and awareness speak defines the way.   


Deep Dive into Oracle will gently polish and clear your lens and filter so that you may more fully trust the birthright of knowing. 


All 3 classes will be participatory.  Often our own reflections spark insight or recognition in someone else, so together we will weave individual and shared experience.


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