Deep Dive into Priestess: 

Lineages of the Goddess

with Deonesea La Fey

June 17 and 24, and July 1

Mondays 5:30pm PST

Each class is 60-75 minutes long


If you would like to participate but cannot make the class times,

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Learn about Lineages of Goddess traditions from ancient times to now

Tune in to the Lineage that calls to you

Explore resources for how to deepen your relationship to that calling


As Priestess, we explore the terrain of embodied Woman who knows how to empty and surrender so that power and grace much bigger than her can fill and inform her, and infuse the rightness of her actions.  In Lineage there is an invitation to sense into and even claim particular lineages of priestess arts that are your arts, or your lineage affinities.  

This transmission and our deep dive together will speak to the many Ancient and modern expressions of Goddess tradition for you to explore and look to where you feel drawn to know more.



Looking to Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Celtic Traditions, as well as to modern covens of Wiccans and Pagans to see the many faces of She, adds depth and richness to the path of the Priestess.  As we reclaim and recall Her ways from the distant past into the alive now, we contribute to the Feminine Rising that we were born to participate in here and now.


Each Tuesday for three weeks, we will gather in a webinar to take this one practice from the month of Priestess - Lineage, Parting the Veils of Form part 3 - into a deep dive together.  You will be encouraged to use the practice on your own between our classes, and guided to take the practice towards the reclamation of Lineage for yourself in our times together.


During these three classes we will be working deeply with the practice of consciously opening yourself to knowing coming through to you about which Lineages most speak to you. And from there you will be offered guidance on how to bring more of that into your present experience of being an embodied Woman...a Priestess.

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