Deep Dive Series 

August 2019

with the Her Mystery School Mentors

For our Summer Deep Dive Series, we are making three practices available from the nine month program of Her Mystery School.  This is a beautiful way for you to take in some potent practices and tools for yourself, while getting a taste of Her Mystery School during the summer break.  


Each of these practices is drawn from our month of Oracle, which offers a potent exploration of knowing your own truth. While you do have the option of choosing only one or two of the series, they are actually set up to help you flow through a process from the first one through the third.  


Pure Rooted Impulse will help you find your real 'yes' and 'no' and learn to make choices from that place. 

Anxiety vs Instinct will give you guidance in how to harness the energy of anxiety as energy that you can use. 

And Recovery of Knowing will support you in healing self-betrayal so that you never abandon yourself and betray your own knowing again.


You can purchase the Series as a package of three and receive a discount, or you can enroll for the individual Deep Dive(s) that you feel most drawn to.  On this page you can see what each of the Deep Dives is offering and purchase the series, or click on each individual one to read more and to purchase them individually. 


Pure Rooted Impulse ~ August 19, 11am PST

Anxiety vs Instinct ~  August 26, 5pm PST

Recovery of Knowing ~ September 2, 5pm PST

If you would like to participate but cannot make the class times,

you can register and receive the replays.

Pure Rooted Impulse: 

Knowing Your Yes and No

with Jasmine Patten

We are all born with a deep inner wisdom that can help guide us through life. If you feel confused about how to make decisions, get lost in mental complexity, or feel unsure about how to even know what you need, this class will support you to find an embodied and clear way to access your true inner knowing of your Yes and your No.

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Anxiety vs Instinct:

Harness the Power of Anxiety

with Jamila Suzanne

Anytime anxiety rises, it serves a purpose.  There is always an underlying instinct beneath anxiety waiting to be acknowledged and uncovered. Layer by layer instinct shows itself as a revealing, sober, guardian presence. Until you can claim the truth you hear from your instinctual sober guardian presence, the voice of anxiety will keep speaking. 

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Recovery of Knowing: 

Healing Self-Betrayal

with Deonesea La Fey

The times in your life when you have denied your inner knowing and acted in a way that did not align with your truth, or allowed someone else to act in such a way towards you, often leave an indelible mark on your sense of self-worth and on your ability to trust yourself and others.This class will guide you to look closely on those times to garner wisdom from them.

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Choose the price you want to pay for the Deep Dive Series and click on the button below.  If you want to receive the Series emails at a different address than your PayPal email make a note of the correct address in the comments section when you purchase.