Deep Dive into Paradise: 

The Restoration of Beauty

with Deonesea La Fey

November 3, 10 and 17

Two class times to choose from - 11am and 5pm PST

Each class time limited to 12 women


If you would like to participate but cannot make the class times, you can register, have your name called into the group field of each class, and receive the replays.

Learn how to acknowledge and revel in your own personal Beauty 

Fully love the body you're in

And quiet the internal voices of self-criticism about your body

and your beauty


In Beauty, an aspect of Paradise, we explore the terrain of what is wild, truly, what is elegant, unapologetic, and untamed in you as woman.  What is wild and instinctual in you naturally knows when and how to reach for harmony, for light, and for growth.

This transmission and our deep dive together will speak to the common theme that many of us share around not being able to see our own beauty and able to love our bodies just as they are.



What we have largely come to see, and distrust, as wild in the woman like flagrant, casual promiscuity, manipulative seduction, hysteria, irrationality and all such things, are all actually expressions of a wild thing that has been caged.  They are distorted, often self-destructive, and, yes, untrustworthy expressions of the feminine wild. The wild thing in a women is often caged or distorted at an early age, but when you bring her out of the cage and give her free reign, her expression comes into balance and serves you well.


It is what is wild and untamed in you that will liberate you from the massive manipulations, confusions, and distortions of culture and personalities.  What is wild and untamed in you will lead the way through this and any other uncharted terrain you must cross in life.


Each Saturday for the first three weekends of November, we will gather in a webinar to take this one practice from the month of Paradise - The Restoration of Beauty - into a deep dive together.  You will be encouraged to use the practice on your own between our classes, and guided to take the practice towards the restoration of specific aspects of yourself in our times together.


During these three classes we will be working deeply with the practice of consciously bringing Beauty to the places in yourself where your light is dim, where you have separated yourself because of distorted perception.  Deepening into the Restoration of Beauty, you will recover the Wild Maiden, reinstate Erotic Dignity, and reclaim your Untamed Feminine.