With Jasmine Patten

HOMECOMING - Creating Your North Star Statement

(The volume on this video is a bit low, so put on headphones or use an external speaker to make it louder.  I'll make sure it's louder next time!)

Questions to journal and daydream about

1) What do you want to do/be/have at the end of our 9 month journey?

2) How do you most want to feel at the end of our 9 month journey?

​3)  What really lights you up in life?

​4)  If you didn't have to please anyone else, what would you really love to be/do/have?

​5)  What gives you a feeling of relaxation and ease?

Remember to make sure that your North Star Statement lights you up and gives you a feeling of "ahhhh".

COMMUNION - Navigating by Your North Star

PARADISE - Foundations of Self-Care

DESCENT - Shedding the Shoulds

This month there is an audio and a PDF.  They contain the same content, and I find it helpful to be able to just listen to it, as well as read it.

DARK MOTHER - Pace is Grace

Please open and read the PDF first, then do these journaling questions:

*What is the pace that truly serves me and my life right now?

*How does resting and slowing down support me to thrive?

*When is my energy the highest, and when is it the lowest, in the cycles of:


Dark Moon/Full Moon


The Seasons

*How can I honor and support my natural highs and lows, instead of battling with, resisting them, or wishing they were different?

*What am I learning about myself through this inquiry process?

ALCHEMISTA - Sync With Your Cycle

This month's teaching is a PDF.

ORACLE - Partner With Your Body

This month's teaching is a PDF. Enjoy!

HEAVENLY MOTHER - Create Your Constellation

Please click on the PDF for more...

PRIESTESS - Celebration

Please click on the PDF for more...