A 9 Month Mentorship with Jamila Suzanne

For time immemorial women have been led by the wisdom of their dreams.  If they listen.

Are you listening?

Are you curious or called to deepen your waking and sleeping worlds through dreamtime exploration? 

 Do you forge your daily path meeting synchronicity around 

each and every corner?  

Are you paying attention and asking the right questions when Great Mystery speaks? 

Is it fun?

The Oracular Dreaming mentorship is for those who wish to grant themselves and their dreams a platform to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and more deeply explored.  I will guide you in how to tap into the weave of your personal dreamtime.  You will learn to look at symbolism in a way that brings it alive and tangible to ordinary daily life.  Expect to hone a new navigational tool.  One that helps decode the path along the way, illuminated and guided by dreams.


Topics explored as we move through the 9 month core curriculum of Her Mystery School:

Homecoming: Learn “Lightning Process” for recording and expressing dreams


Communion: Dream incubation, seeding and fertilizing while awake and asleep


Paradise: Identifying dream guides, animal totems and gatekeepers


Descent: Visitations to and from death, ancestral lineage connectivity


Dark Mother: Dream healing for yourself and others


Alchemista: Dream re-entry - Was it complete?  Utilizing the liminal zone


Oracle: Parallel timelines, multidimensionality and now


Heavenly Mother: Extra sensory perception, shared dreaming and remote viewing


Priestess: Conscious and active oracular dreaming

About Jamila

Jamila has been an avid dreamer since early childhood. She is a Certified Dream Teacher under the expert guidance and support of 

Robert Moss, author, lifelong scholar and quantum shamanic dream instructor.

She brings clear energetic containment to the oracular dreaming exploration, eliciting active participation and inviting each 

individual into the depths of their own wisdom.

There may be tears, there may be laughter.

There may be rage, there may be stillness and wading through the muck.

It may be juicy, it may be dry.

All are welcome in the world of dream.

What she does know, is that if we listen,

and act on what we hear,

it is then that we are most alive.




If you have questions about the mentorship, or would like to know more about Jamila and want to see if it’s a fit to work together, you can schedule a 20 minute complimentary Discovery Session by clicking on the button below.

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