When you enroll in Her Mystery School, you open to a supported journey of deep feminine revelation and self-knowing that begins the moment you say Yes, and continues for the rest of your life.  

The school is deeply relevant for women who feel they are "just beginning" on this path, and those who have consciously walked it for some time.  Powerful nourishment, clarity and redemption come for you when you commit to a rhythmic remembrance of the deep feminine in you, the opportunity to deepen in daily devotion to yourself as an emanation of Her, the stable foundation that is created by joining with an international sisterhood that upholds reverence for deep feminine illumination.  


Women of all ages, faiths, cultures, localities, sexual orientations, and races are enrolled in the school.  Our work together sinks under all pretense, all the surface identities, to distill out what sacred Womanhood is for each of us, and where we meet together in Her.  Authenticity and self-authority are key.  Sincerity and the  willingness to hold yourself in reverence are the only pre-requisites.   

Her Mystery School is a very integrated balance of mystical transmissions, practical applications, personal healing, and the recovery of ancient female sacred lineage.  The curriculum is meant to be engaged with in a living, honest, cyclical way.  This is not a curriculum to "get right" or "keep up with."  It is a rhythmic offering and immersion into Her many emanations, meant to infuse your life and integrate into your own rhythms, circumstances, and passions.   

There are several ways to enroll for the FIRST YEAR, which offer several different levels of time commitment and engagement:


Self-Initiate through receiving the transmissions weekly for 9 months.

Optional (Recommended):

Join for weekly/every other week webinar group calls

Monthly dyad/partner inquiry and connection

Additional suggested personal ceremonies, readings, inquiries

DONATION:  Sliding Scale $155 - 255/month


Self-Initiate through receiving the transmissions weekly for 9 months​

Receive monthly one-on-one mentorship with a priestess of Her Mystery School, in the form of one monthly additional teaching, applied monthly "assignments," and one 60 minute personal session.

Mentorships are meant to empower you in specific ways, and to give you a place of additional support as you apply and integrate the teachings of Her Mystery School into your own life, your own challenges, and desires for growth.  


Currently, mentorships are offered with the following focuses:

Aphrodite's Ecstasy

Recover and luxuriate in the magnetism, pleasure, and radiance of your sensuality.

(with Deonesea LaFey)

Alchemy of Intimacy

Cultivate empowerment from past and present entrapment/dysfunction patterns in intimate relationships.  

(with Deonesea La Fey)

Oracular Dreaming

Explore and refine dreaming in both the sleeping and waking worlds.

(with Jamila Suzanne)

Medicine Woman

Woven through time, the Medicine Woman archetype speaks many languages, inhabits each and every culture uniquely and comes in many shapes, sizes & forms.

Who is SHE in you?

(With Jamila Suzanne)

Devotional Self-Care

Transform lifetime patterns of overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety, and self-neglect into nourishing rhythms that foster radically empowered deep feminine ease and radiance.

(with Jasmine Patten)

Spirited Business

How do you navigate the world of business as a woman on a deep feminine spiritual path?  

Shift overwhelm, lack of focus, and isolation to peace, focus, and support.

(with Jasmine Patten)

For MORE info on all mentorships, CLICK HERE.

Optional (Recommended):

Join for weekly/every other week webinar group calls

Monthly dyad/partner inquiry and connection

Additional suggested personal ceremonies, readings, 

Attend monthly local in-person circles if there is one close to you 

DONATION:  Sliding Scale $255-355/month