A 5-Step Plan For Returning To Ease

with Jasmine Patten

Do you feel you have too much to do, too many people asking things of you, or not enough time for yourself?  


Are you way too familiar with the feelings of being overwhelmed or full of anxiety?


Instead of trying to be more, do more and have more, instead of trying to “push through”, “make it happen”,  or be some kind of superwoman, what if there’s another way?  A way that both supports and nourishes your feminine soul?


In this class we’ll explore that other way, one that can easily help you shift from overwhelm to peace and ease.  You’ll learn a fun and clear 5-Step plan that you can use anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed.


This is an experiential class that uses embodiment practices, journaling and self-revelation. 


You’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and you’ll receive very practical tools so that you never have to be buried in overwhelm again.

Class is an hour long, and is offered on a sliding scale.  

Pay what is easeful for you between $10-$25.

You'll get instant access.