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 ~ Let the Unburdening Begin ~


Please see below for the recording of our call together as well as two videos related to this topic.  The guided practice for working with ongoing will be created and uploaded within a couple of days.  Here are some basic notes from our exploration:






Tempering (Fire)

Guards your sacred path

Reorients you to right relationship, right action, right proportion, and timing


Anger wants to keep you full, supple, anchored in peace, useful.  Ask what is this anger here to give me?


Distortion: Helplessness

Medicine:  Bowing, Acceptance

Bow to what you cannot control.  Get sober and clear about what you are truly helpless about so that you can know where you actually have agency.

Distortion: Volatile, Destructive

Medicine:  Containment

Do what you need to do to get up on the stallion rather than under it.  Nourish strength of vessel so that you can withstand the purification and let it ripen into wisdom in you.

Distortion: Repression

Medicine:  Boundaries Further Out

Anger wants to fill you in with your own energy.  Step back and look for where the boundaries really need to be so that you can fill your space with your own presence, and peace.  

Distortion: Self-Righteousness

Medicine:  Sobriety

Being anti-anything is inherently weak and not necessary.  Sober up and evaluate the real fruits of your actions.  Protect the sacred.  Become worthy of that role and let the rest take care of itself.



This is a twenty minute guided practice intended to bring you into a more resourced state, to connect you to your anger and to support you in making choices you can feel good about.  It can be used in the moment as an intervention if you find yourself really activated and ungrounded, or it can be used just as well for ongoing clarification and ripening of general states of anger, helplessness, destructiveness, hopelessness, or self-righteousness.  It definitely draws on foundational understandings set forth in our call together so make sure to have listened through that before going into practice.

NOTE:  The player displays an incorrect timing.  The practice is a little less than 20 minutes.


Dragon Rider; Liberator

THEME: A deeper consideration of the force that is anger, and the rare integrity of the truly righteous.  All of us hold the power to destroy life as well as to create it.  Until we learn to harness anger and turn it toward liberation, it will use us to further fracture and demoralize our world.  We come together for an honest reckoning with the true fruits of our own "good" intentions, developing the skillful means of one who is both protected and purified by the sharp edge of anger's blade.

Destruction, Coercion

Liberation, Clarity

DATE AND TIME: Sunday, May 22nd, 11 am PST

COST:  $55
(discounted $205 for the full series)


The Wild, The Wise

THEME: A deeper consideration of the power to influence, heal, and Know.  Beyond the brutal slander and then the contemporary "reclamation" of Witch is a simple truth: Woman IS magic, when she knows herself well.  She IS wild nature, when she allows herself to be what she was created to be, and when she learns to open to the Wild.  We can and must draw wisdom from the forces of nature and the unseen. Our walk together here is to reckon with perceived personal deficits so that we draw on these forces with sophistication and for the good of all, harm to none.

Spellcasting, Superstition

Healing, Primal Natural Magic

DATE AND TIME: Sunday, July 17h, 11 am PST

COST:  $55
(discounted $205 for the full series)


The Gateway, the One Who Anoints

THEME:  A deeper consideration of sexual potency, specifically the magnetic, compelling, ancient beauty of female sexuality. As much as it has been used, bound, and controlled, female sexual power can and has been used to bind and control.  We will walk together through a purification of right relationship to the sexual current that ends this cycle of conscious and unconscious usury. Liberated from the pendulum swing between repression and reaction to that repression, we find ourselves in incorruptible terrain, authentic, supple, well-nourished, and truly untamed.

Seduction, Binding, Desperation

Ecstasy, Devotional Love, Fulfillment

DATE AND TIME: Sunday, June 19th, 11 am PST

COST:  $55
(discounted $205 for the full series)


She Who Walks the Holy Road

THEME: A deeper consideration of the soul road, the call to the devotional life.  Together we will remove the veils of   punishment, martyrdom, conscription, and unnecessary suffering that are the often unconscious inheritance of dogmatic religious and cultural power structures.  The pilgrim walks a long, often lonely road, but the God of her own understanding walks with her, and so do all of her ancestresses.  

Martyrdom, Isolation

Intimacy with the Divine, Deep Peace, Fortitude 

DATE AND TIME: Sunday, August 14th, 11 am PST

COST:  $55
(discounted $205 for the full series)

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