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Jamila Suzanne

Oracular Dreaming and Medicine Woman Mentor


A limited number of private, one-on-one mentorships are available each year.  If you are wanting more personalized support through the nine months, you can choose the mentorship theme of Oracular Dreaming or Medicine Woman, or you can choose to have your own personalized mentorship without one of the themes. Click the buttons below to enroll or contact Jamila to schedule an initial discovery session.

During the upcoming year of HER Mystery School, Jamila is also offering a Six Week Healing Arts Immersion and
Woman at Midlife, a nine month group mentorship about perimenopause and menopause.

Medicine Woman
 9 Month Group Mentorship

Woven through time, the Medicine Woman archetype speaks many languages, inhabits each and every culture uniquely and comes in many shapes, sizes & forms. 

Who is SHE in you?


We and our planet are in the midst of a call to healing and restoration of balance. Medicine Woman lives to the rhythm and cycles of the natural elemental world as well as in the progress of modern technology in service to wholeness.

SHE is devoted in her attention and practices with her gifted medicine.


The application of her medicine in the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic realms provides a balm and continuum of healing for any and all who suffer. 

SHE remedies each situation brought to her accordingly.

The Medicine Woman mentorship is for mothers and daughters and sisters. We as women all have a healer within us. Your profession may be in the field of Healing Arts or Sciences through allopathic, integrative, herbal or alternative medicine, psychology, spirituality, body movement, fine arts or energetics.  Certainly your personal and familial relationships benefit from the Medicine Woman in you.  When we extend more to the outer world around us, we can forget to tend and honor our own medicine journey. 


The 9 month Medicine Woman mentorship will acknowledge and nurture the Medicine Woman alive in you.  By recognizing her gifts, SHE will become revitalized and with your invitation, be more easefully inhabited through you.  You will be guided to honor her in tangible ways that fit into your daily life.  Medicine Woman reminds you of how to personally flourish and be of service to others without draining yourself.  Expect to feel held by and connected to a broader collective field of healing that is currently accessible for all sentient beings.


Homecoming:  Creating an Altar & Symbolic Field of Containment


Communion:  Ritual & Ceremony, Acts of Intention


Paradise:  Food As Medicine


Descent: Initiation - The Inevitable Unknown and Unexpected 


Dark Mother:  Receiving, Trust and Holding


Alchemista:  Conscious Transformation


Oracle:  Honing, Listening & Intuition


Heavenly Mother: Blessing & Offering


Priestess:  Know Your Maven


  • One 75 minute group session per month (4-8 women)

  • Additional curriculum tailored to the topic of each month

 9 Month Group Mentorship

For time immemorial women have been led by the wisdom of their dreams.  If they listen.

Are you listening?

Are you curious or called to deepen your waking and sleeping worlds through dreamtime exploration? 

Do you forge your daily path meeting synchronicity around 

each and every corner?

Are you paying attention and asking the right questions when Great Mystery speaks? 

Is it fun?

The Oracular Dreaming mentorship is for those who wish to grant themselves and their dreams a platform to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and more deeply explored.  I will guide you in how to tap into the weave of your personal dreamtime.  You will learn to look at symbolism in a way that brings it alive and tangible to ordinary daily life.  Expect to hone a new navigational tool.  One that helps decode the path along the way, illuminated and guided by dreams.


Homecoming: Learn the “Lightning Process” for recording and expressing dreams


Communion: Dream incubation, seeding and fertilizing while awake and asleep


Paradise: Identifying dream guides, animal totems and gatekeepers


Descent: Visitations to and from death, ancestral lineage connectivity


Dark Mother: Dream healing for yourself and others


Alchemista: Dream re-entry - Was it complete?  Utilizing the liminal zone


Oracle: Parallel timelines, multidimensionality and now


Heavenly Mother: Extra sensory perception, shared dreaming and remote viewing


Priestess: Conscious and active oracular dreaming


  • One 75 minute group session per month (4-8 women)

  • Additional curriculum tailored to the topic of each month

6 Week Immersion

Highlighting Rites of Passage and Conscious Creation
Blended from the Medicine Woman and Oracular Dreaming

Mentorship Tracks with Jamila Suzanne


Are you tired of living in a world that feels out of control? Does it seem like at every turn, most of what you see and feel has a back story of wounding? Are you ready to find ease in the midst of the chaos?

If so, join with Jamila and a group of women ready to be inspired and take the reign of living a life you love that is filled with ease, clear intent and limitless unfolding. Even when it is hard, renewal is around the next corner. Together we will join with Great Mystery, ask revealing questions, be guided by the potency of specific answers and have fun along the way. As women, we are born creators. We are natural healers. Take a deep breath, feel it fill your entire being. Exhale. Feel it go out cleansing and making space. We’ll start there, making more space for conscious evolution.

The 6 Week HEALING ARTS IMMERSION Flow of Content: 


10/16/23 10:00am PST Week 1: What are the Healing Arts?

Acknowledging what archetypes live through you and honoring them.

10/23/23 10:00am PST Week 2: Rites of Passage:

Initiation as desirable or undesirable. Releasing, adjusting and embracing change.

10/30/23 10:00am PST Week 3: Exploration of Intent.

Ceremony, mindfulness and our interconnectivity with the greater “field” of life itself.

11/06/23 10:00am PST Week 4: Dream incubation, seeding and fertilizing while awake and asleep.

11/13/23 10:00am PST Week 5:  Identifying both waking and dream guides including animal totems.  

11/20/23 10:00am PST Week 6: Dream healing for yourself and others.


  • One 75 minute group session each week

  • Additional curriculum related to the class theme that aligns with the curriculum of the school

Healing Arts
Jamila Moss Star.PNG

About Jamila

Jamila has been an avid dreamer since early childhood. She is a Certified Dream Teacher under the expert guidance and support of 

Robert Moss, author, lifelong scholar and quantum shamanic dream instructor.

She brings clear energetic containment to the oracular dreaming exploration, eliciting active participation and inviting each 

individual into the depths of their own wisdom.

There may be tears, there may be laughter.

There may be rage, there may be stillness and wading through the muck.

It may be juicy, it may be dry.

All are welcome in the world of dream.

What she does know, is that if we listen,

and act on what we hear,

it is then that we are most alive.

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