Turn What's Wrong into What's Wise

with Jamila Suzanne

August 8th, 15th, and 22nd

5:00-6:00pm PST

(replays will be available for those who are enrolled, but can't make the class time)

Living mythology is the creation and experience of receiving life itself.

This class series will bring you more deeply into a facilitated experience of recognizing the unique characteristics and roads that define and hold your specific journey and living creation myth.  

Your legacy is undoubtedly inclusive of its own barriers, blocks, veils and thresholds to be crossed. 


Each week, you will be guided and supported by Jamila to drop into the sacred feminine approach to living your truest mythology.  This is experienced not by forcing or overcoming, rather by pausing and softening into your receptivity and then moving into right action based on what naturally rises.

Class 1 ~ Honoring the Wisdom of Your Own Body and Sexuality

We will be doing an exercise that scans what is alive for you currently in your body.  We will map what you find and invite more specific information from each territory, region and energy center.   The experience will be deepened by relating what you find to your relationships and sexuality. 


Class 2 ~ Waking and Sleeping Dreams and their Place 

This class will explain why dreaming is a fundamental part of what brings and holds meaning in our lives.  Are you experiencing a dream drought (don't recall your dreams)?  Or getting pummeled by a dream tsunami?  Either way, "there's NOTHING wrong with you".  We will take a guided journey through the liminal zone which is the place between sleep and dreams into the valley of creativity and see what your subconscious is wanting to share with you.  


Class 3 ~ Your Relationships with the External World

This is a follow through from my "There's Nothing Wrong with You" webinar that focused a lot on our internal world and being with ourselves.  In it, we learned to befriend and find safety and compassion with our Inner Beloved.  In this class, we are going to practice a few forms of psychic protection so that we are clear and contained as we relate to the world around us.  From this place, we will look at how our personal mythology and path is affected by who and what we are involved with:  family, partnership, work and creative endeavors.  


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