Wild Woman, Sovereign Woman

A Day Long Retreat for Women

Los Angeles

Saturday, August 10th, 2019


Our time together in this day long retreat will be spent exploring what it is to claim for yourself, and live from an internal stance of, embodied feminine sovereignty.  Through teachings and embodiment practices, you will be guided to look deeply into what it means to live as a woman who knows her own wildness - a woman attuned to her body, and centered in her heart and womb as the source from which she navigates the world.

Reclaiming Your Wild Nature, Cultivating Your Sovereign Self

Drawing from the deep feminine wisdom teachings of Her Mystery School, we'll spend our time together engaged in practices that are designed to bring you into residency in your body - beginning with reclaiming essential energy, finding energetic poise and reverence. 


Having established a foundational sense of deep feminine power, we will then turn towards an exploration of the nourishment of feminine sensuality to answer questions like... 


~How would your experience of yourself change if you were to find sustenance and energy and power in your primal nature? 

~In what ways would this then influence your relationships, your work, your world?

~What would you need to do to stay in touch with your primal nature in the context of a busy modern lifestyle?


And finally, we will turn our attention together towards what it is to live as an awakened, embodied female in this particular time on the planet.  How do we walk with our eyes wide open, our hearts on fire, and our wild sovereign nature intact as we navigate the world and how it is right now?  In reclaiming these potent pieces of wildness and sovereignty for ourselves, how can we then shine  them as a light into a world that is so desperately in need of feminine reclamation?


This retreat is intended for women of all walks of life who are looking for a deep feminine approach to their spiritual lives and personal development. If you are drawn to teachings and practices that are potent, simplified, and relevant to both your inner world, and your universe of relationships, work, home, and life that is your unique universe to serve then this retreat is for you!


Come meet and nourish the Wild Woman, the Sovereign Woman, in you! 

Registration and Contact Details:

Pre-registration by August 1st is required

Cost: $125

Pre-register with your payment by clicking on the registration button below.  The location address will be sent to you upon registration.

For questions or further information, contact Deonesea at deonesea@hermysteryschool.com



This retreat day is brought to you by Her Mystery School Mentor, Deonesea La Fey, Ordained Priestess, Ceremonialist and Temple Dancer of the Goddess Temple of Ashland.


Deonesea is a sensuality coach and movement facilitator who is deeply trained and experienced in embodiment practices and initiatory rites. Deonesea supports women to release themselves from past experiences and conditioning that inhibits their sense of sovereignty, so that they can find their own personal pathways to embodied living. Her work is based in the knowing that our sensuality and sexuality can be a powerful source of creativity, passion and joy when we allow ourselves to cultivate and embrace them. In addition to holding her private coaching practice, Deonesea leads women’s empowerment workshops and sensuality retreats at home and abroad.