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With Deonesea LaFey, Jamila Suzanne, and Jasmine Patten


This dynamic 21 day training from HER Mystery School will guide you through deeper cultivation of  3 core fundamental aspects of deep feminine empowerment: Discernment, Magnetism and Self-Authority. Every day you will receive an email that gives you instruction for the next step through this transformational journey of claiming your own feminine power. The course includes practices from HER Mystery School, personal rituals, inquiry pieces, weekly opportunities for live Q&A, and a live webinar each week with one of the HMS Mentors. ​You will leave this course with a deeper knowing of your own truth, and a sense of how to navigate your world from that place.​

Welcome - Start Here

Welcome to the Training!

Watch this video to get a warm welcome and a sense of what this training holds for you for the next 21 days.

This dynamic 21 day training from HER Mystery School will guide you through deeper cultivation of  3 core fundamental aspects of deep feminine empowerment: Discernment, Magnetism and Self-Authority.

Discernment is defined as the ability to judge well...a necessary skill for creating an internal sense of your own safety.  This principle in action helps you to identify what really works for you in your life...and what really doesn't.  HMS Devotional Self-Care Mentor, Jasmine Patten, will lead you through 7 days of honing your skills of discernment.

Magnetism is a natural expression of vibrant sensuality.  When you are tuned in to the beauty of your own innate sensuousness, you will easily draw to yourself the things you desire in your life.  HMS Sensuality Mentor, Deonesea La Fey, will guide you through 7 days of opening into your sensuous magnetism.

Self-Authority is all about being deeply in touch with your true yes, and your true no.  As you learn to distill your internal dialogues and chatter down to the yes or no, you begin to move in your life from pure rooted impulse...your genuine truth.  HMS Medicine Woman Mentor, Jamila Suzanne, will see you through 7 days of claiming your self-authority.

Every day for 21 days you will receive an email that gives you instruction for the next step through this transformational journey of claiming your own feminine power.  The course includes practices from HER Mystery School, personal rituals, inquiry pieces, weekly opportunities for live Q&A, and a live webinar each week with one of the HMS Mentors.

You will leave this course with a deeper knowing of your own truth, and a sense of how to navigate your world from that place.

About Your Guides


Deonesea LaFey, Jamila Suzanne, and Jasmine Patten are mentors with HER Mystery School and they are delighted to share their wisdom and experience with you for this training.

More info about each of them can be found on their websites below, as well as on the mentorship page at

Deonesea LaFey, click here

Jamila Suzanne, click here

Jasmine Patten, click here

DISCERNMENT - Day 1 - Webinar Replay

DISCERNMENT - Day 2 - Sacred Need Practice


Listen to this practice to learn more about your Sacred Needs.

To receive the most of this practice meditation, find 15 minutes of time and space where you can be uninterrupted.  There is value in working with this even once, but know you can work with this practice as many times as you wish, at any moment of need, confusion, or vulnerability.

DISCERNMENT - Day 3 - Inquiry

Take some time to journal with these questions and deepen your relationship with Discernment......


1)  How do you know when your discernment is off or not working for you?

2)  What affects your ability to discern well?

3)  In what area of your life are you most challenged with discernment?

4)  In what area of your life are you strong in your discernment?

5)  How would your life be different if you felt strong and confident in your ability to discern?

DISCERNMENT - Day 4 - Personal Ritual

Remember back to the guided meditation at the beginning of the Day 1 Webinar, in which we traveled to a beautiful location in nature, found your seat of power, and received a gift/talisman/object that represents your Deep Feminine Power.

Find something, either new or what you already have, that represents that talisman, something you can touch and feel.

Make a place on your altar, or create a simple altar, on which you will place this talisman.  Add any other things that support and represent your Deep Feminine Power, so that you have a beautiful place that you can come back to as we go through this journey.

You can also add fresh flowers, and a hand written statement of your intention for this course.

Sitting at this altar, light a candle and feel yourself sitting in your seat of power again.  Take some deep breaths and just allow yourself to take up residence in this seat, grounding to the earth and connecting to the sky.

Stay in your seat for as long as it feels comfortable, just feeling what comes up and breathing deeply.

When you are ready to complete, offer gratitude to yourself for showing up and doing this work, and gently blow out the candle.

Blessed Be!!

DISCERNMENT - Day 5 - Q&A Call Replay

Watch this recording of the Q&A webinar.  We had a sweet conversation about discernment and needs.

DISCERNMENT - Day 6 - Sacred Need Practice

Listen to the practice again, and see what comes from engaging with it now.

DISCERNMENT - Day 7 - Integration

As a way to integrate your journey with Discernment, take some time to journal and reflect on these questions.

1)  What have you learned about yourself through this exploration?

2)  What area of your life will most benefit from you practicing discernment from a place of Deep Feminine Power?

3)  What are your top 1-3 takeaways from the first week?


Thank you for being on this journey to deepen your power through the practice of Discernment!

MAGNETISM - Day 8 - Webinar Replay

MAGNETISM - Day 9 - Paradise Practice

MAGNETISM - Day 10 - Inquiry

What most prevents you from living from your own sense of Magnetism?


How would your life be different if you were living from an internal stance of magnetizing rather than efforting?


What simple change could you make in your life that would help you lean into your Magnetism?  


And are you willing to commit to making that change?

MAGNETISM - Day 11 - Personal Ritual

Gather the following: 


* A piece of jewelry to represent your feminine magnetism (this can be something you already own or something new, but should be something you can easily wear on a daily basis) 


* Something lovely for each of your senses, here are some examples:

~ A square of dark chocolate or a delicious fruit like a raspberry or strawberry

~ Flowers, picked or bought, one or many 

~ A stick of incense or bottle of essential oil or nice lotion

~ Soft music that speaks to you of sensuality

~ Your favorite dress or top or skirt, one that feels really nice on your skin


* A card or pretty piece of paper on which you can write, and a pen


* A candle


* A mirror (this can be a handheld one or a larger one)


NOTE: If it feels supportive, you can listen to the Garden practice before you begin your ritual.


Choose a time in which you can be alone and uninterrupted for 30 minutes to an hour in a place that feels relaxing and comfortable to you, and do the following:


Dress yourself in the favorite top/dress/skirt that feels good on your skin, put your music on, gather all of the other objects together in a way that looks beautiful to you and light the candle.  Take a few deep breaths as you gaze at the candle, tune into the music, and consciously relax and slow down.  When you're ready, take the pen and paper and write yourself a love letter to your own Beauty.  Take your time with this.  Use this opportunity to love yourself and all of your beautiful attributes...yes, your physical attributes, but also your emotional and spiritual ones, your character.  Address yourself with the most loving tenderness and attentiveness and adoration that you can imagine.


When your letter is complete, place it with the other objects.  Now, take some time to consciously feed your senses.  Close your eyes as you place a delicious taste in your mouth, then open them to gaze upon the flowers taking in their beauty.  Close your eyes again and deeply inhale the beautiful smell you've chosen, then open them to gaze on the candle and tune into the music once more.


Now, look into the mirror and read your love letter aloud to yourself, as an act of acknowledging your own Beauty, this Radiance that is the essence of you.  Take your time, savor this moment.  


When your reading is complete, take your piece of jewelry and place it on your body, as an act of adoration and adornment...a symbol of this loving recognition of yourself.  In the mirror, admire how it looks on you, what you love about it, seeing it now as a reminder of this gift you've given yourself.


Stay in this space for as long as you'd like.  When you feel complete, blow out the candle, choose a special place to put your love letter with the flowers for the next few days.  And as often as you can in the days to come, wear your special jewelry piece as a reminder of the Beauty that you are.

MAGNETISM - Day 12 - Q&A Call

There isn't a replay for this call, unfortunately we had technical problems.

MAGNETISM - Day 13 - Paradise Practice

MAGNETISM - Day 14 - Integration

Take a sensual nature walk in your favorite outdoor spot with the intention of integrating all you've been working on with Magnetism.  Take the time to slow down and stroll through your walk, rather than power through, and open to your senses.  Notice the colors and textures of flowers, trees, and leaves...imagine that you can drink in their beauty with your eyes.  Consciously feel the sensation of the air on your's temperature, it's humidity or aridity, it's make up.  Notice what you can smell and hear in your environment as you walk.  Then bring your awareness to sun, moon, or stars (depending on when you're walking) and notice their radiance...imagine that your being is filled with that light and that it can radiate outward from you and what a light like that draws to itself.  Contemplate your own Radiance...your own Magnetism.

SELF-AUTHORITY - Day 15 - Webinar Replay

SELF-AUTHORITY - Day 16 - Pure Impulse Practice


  • When are some times in life when you felt a deeply resonant yes? 

  • Did you follow it? 

  • When in life have you felt a very clear no? 

  • Did you follow it? 

  • When have you been surprised by either a magnetism toward or away from someone or something? 

  • When have you denied either an attraction or a repulsion? Why? 

  • At the end of your days, do you generally feel exhausted and depleted or tired and full?

SELF-AUTHORITY - Day 17 - Inquiry


What does yes actually feel like in your body?


What does no feel like in your body? 


Are you able to feel the threshold at which a pure impulse in you begins to be taken into over-complexity or projection? 


How would you describe the difference between being in pure, rooted impulse versus being in mental complexity, lifted off of the moment? 


Specifically, how does that feel in your body? 


How is it for you to navigate that? 


Does it feel easy or very difficult to stay underneath of over-complexity? 


Is there any resistance in you to turning towards what nourishes you? 


Is there any resistance in you to turning away from what depletes you? 


Are you willing to shift those resistances and align with what nourishes life in you?


What would that look like?

SELF-AUTHORITY - Day 18 - Personal Ritual

I invite you to soften the edges of judgement of good or bad that may arise as you begin to turn toward or away from something energetically.  How many times in your life have you already been ruled by being good or bad?  Letting your action be determined by pure, rooted impulse and verifying your yes and your no allows for the flow of your life to be powerfully authentic, beyond the confines of good or bad.  


To help support each awareness of moving towards or away from something, let's play a little! 

Take out 2 jars or cups from your cabinet.  

1 will represent "turning towards,"  1 will represent "turning away"

Next, gather pebbles, flower petals, cotton balls, anything that feels representative to place in each cup of "turning towards" or "turning away"


Now, depending on when you're reading this, keep track of your impulses throughout this full day.  At the end of the day re-visit your "turning towards" moments, all of them and place an item in the cup for each impulse.  Same for any "turning away" moments.  There will probably be a lot, so make sure you have plenty of room and flower petals (or whatever representative item).


Seeing your "turnings" represented outside of yourself can help give a fresh perspective of their impact and service to you.  

SELF-AUTHORITY - Day 19 - Q&A Call Replay

SELF-AUTHORITY - Day 20 - Pure Impulse Practice

SELF-AUTHORITY - Day 21 - Integration

As a way of integrating the last week of Pure, Rooted Impulse, please write 2 or 3 sentences in your journal that describe how it has been most helpful or applicable to you.


We do hope that you've enjoyed this training!

We've gone through the powerful themes of:




What is your big takeaway from this 21 day journey?

If there is anything you'd like to share, or any questions you'd like to ask, please send an email to



The meditations you heard here are from HER Mystery School.

Jumana Sophia's YouTube channel has many videos that explore these concepts and more.

Jumana's Book: Break the Grip of Past Lovers: Reclaim Your Personal Power, Recover from Neglect, Manipulation or Betrayal, Reawaken Your Emotional Intimacy.  Available on Amazon.  

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