Own It!

An Empowerment Training with Her Mystery School

July 11-31, 2019

This dynamic 21 day training from Her Mystery School will lead you to cultivate the 3 core fundamental pieces of deep feminine empowerment: Discernment, Magnetism and Self-Authority.

Discernment is defined as the ability to judge well...a necessary skill for creating an internal sense of your own safety.  This principle in action helps you to identify what really works for you in your life...and what really doesn't.  HMS Self-Care Mentor, Jasmine Patten, will lead you through 7 days of honing your skills of discernment.

Magnetism is a natural expression of vibrant sensuality.  When you are tuned in to the beauty of your own innate sensuousness, you will easily draw to yourself the things you desire in your life.  HMS Sensuality Mentor, Deonesea La Fey, will guide you through 7 days of opening into your sensuous magnetism.

Self-Authority is all about being deeply in touch with your true yes, and your true no.  As you learn to distill your internal dialogues and chatter down to the yes or no, you begin to move in your life from pure rooted impulse...your genuine truth.  HMS Medicine Woman Mentor, Jamila Suzanne, will see you through 7 days of claiming your self-authority.

Every day for 21 days you will receive an email that gives you instruction for the next step through this transformational journey of claiming your own feminine power.  The course includes practices from Her Mystery School, personal rituals, inquiry pieces, weekly opportunities for live Q&A, and a live webinar each week with one of the HMS Mentors.

You will leave this course with a deeper knowing of your own truth, and a sense of how to navigate your world from that place.

This course is offered at 3 different price points, and you can choose the price that feels best for you.

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