Woman as Paradise Retreat

September, 2021

at the Honey House Temple of Ashland, Oregon

an offering of Her Mystery School with Deonesea La Fey

"Together, we will invoke and cultivate Woman as Paradise, raising up the miracle it is to be created Woman, oasis, garden of delight...following the impulse toward innocent pleasure, resurrecting a context around sexuality that is both reverent and wildly alive, courageously sanctifying the body as she is, and courting Shakti as a birthright responsibility." ~ Paradise, Her Mystery School  


Our Woman as Paradise Retreat will offer you a space in which you can gather nectar, bathe in beauty and find a deeper relationship to your own personal sexual current as you immerse yourself in the garden of your internal landscape.

Held in a supportive and safe container of women, this gathering will support you to deepen into a refined and potent lived experience of the serpentine current that is at the heart of mystery teachings around feminine sexuality. You will be given the opportunity to drink deeply from many of the offerings we have honed here at the

Honey House Temple of Ashland, including: 



Sovereign Sexuality Teachings


Temple Dance


Ritual Immersion 

in the sacred spring (Mikvah) 


This is an intimate ceremonial event for women who are called to the path of claiming and owning deep feminine sexuality. We will hold a sweet balance of group experiences and individual time spent luxuriating in the grounds of the Goddess Temple, so that you leave feeling refreshed and replenished and energized and closer to the truth of the sexual being you truly are.

Deonesea is an Ordained Priestess and the HMS Sensuality and Intimacy Mentor, who has been guiding women's circles for the better part of two decades.  As an experienced ceremonialist, Deonesea brings a sense of power and clarity and safety to the ritual container she holds.


Her work as a sensuality coach and movement facilitator is based in deep training and involvement in sensuality and embodiment practices, ecstatic dance forms, and initiatory rites.   


You can see more about Deonesea at www.passionasprayer.com. 

September 2021

The ceremonial grounds of the

Honey House Temple of Ashland

LIMITED TO: 24 women


Camping on the grounds is available for our group. The cost for camping is $20 per person per night.


If you are coming from afar and are not able to bring all of your own camping gear, you can check out this website to rent camping gear that would be delivered to you at the Temple and then picked up when you're done: https://www.outdoorsgeek.com/rent-it/ 


NOTE: The weather in Ashland at that time of year can be warm in the day and quite cold at night, so warm sleeping gear is needed.

In room accommodations are also available and more information on this will be added here as the rooms are made ready.

FOOD:  Participants bring their own food.  There is a large outdoor community kitchen available with refrigeration, and there are restaurants in town that deliver. The rooms at Lithia Springs Resort have kitchenettes in them. 

COST:  Sliding Scale donation $325 - 425.  A nonrefundable deposit of $150 is required to hold your space, with full payment due by August 15, 2021. 

CONTACT:  deonesea@hermysteryschool.com

for more details  

REGISTER: By sending your deposit (or full donation) via the button below.  Please add a note that it is for the Paradise Retreat.