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with Deonesea

Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon

JUNE 17th - JUNE 19th 2022

From June 17th -June 19th 2022, we will join for an end of year Paradise Retreat

at the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon.  

This will be a full weekend of integration, applied practice, and initiatory rituals.  And fun!  We will feast, rest, celebrate, dance, and come more fully into the embodiment and sisterhood of the Priestess Arts of Paradise.

In this retreat we’ll be cultivating the practices of deep feminine fertility, nourishment, and sensuality, turning toward the endlessly generous, infinite inner springs, remembering ourselves to be oases in the desert, ever-generative, regardless of circumstance. Come to drink from those inner springs and know yourself as a Woman who is a Garden of Paradise.


This will be a precious, powerful opportunity to sink deeply into sensual sister space, and be together in Her grace.



Physical distancing and masking will be welcome, but not mandatory. Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, will be asked to have a negative covid test before arriving.  

You are responsible for navigating your own risk management - your particular needs, fears, and informed decisions.  We will be gathering both outside and in the small space of the closed dome, so keep this in mind if you have a desire to maintain physical distancing. 

Also, for that reason, make sure you come prepared for weather - it should be lovely, but high temperatures or rain and cold may visit.  

Be ready, and hopefully relieved, to leave politics, opinions, and contention at

the gate to the temple.  

I promise you can pick it all up again, if you even want to, when you leave this sacred space.

We come to take refuge for ourselves and to hold refuge for each other.   

We are gathering to drink from a deeper well, and if you join us, the requirement is that we all protect this holy place of meeting from our own and culture's contention, so that we can listen to a deeper Knowing, bathe in a clearer stream.  

For this time, the current "conversation" is not our concern.  The story of humanity's current transformation is not our focus.  Our focus is on forging stronger alliance and intimacy with the ancient deep feminine current that has already companioned millennia of humanity's changes, and companions us still if we turn toward Her.

The minimum number of women for this will be 12 (what we need to make it happen), and the maximum 19 (the most we can have and still keep spaciousness possible).  

Breakdown of the Essentials:

BEGIN:  4 pm, Friday, June 17th

END:  9 pm, Sunday, June 19th 




Sensual Immersion


Temple Dance

Claiming Sovereign Sexuality



Full Retreat Weekend:  $555

Cost includes all of the weekend's teachings and ceremonies, plus evening meals on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

There are currently too many hard costs to make either trades or scholarships possible, but extended payment plans are absolutely an option.  This will be such a precious, powerful, extraordinary time together.  I want to be with you all!  If you are called to come, and finances seems a little daunting, then let's just strategize and get you here somehow.  




You can just send it all at once, or send a



to hold your space.  


You can send that one of two ways:
Via PayPal to

Via check to:  AquaMystica, 970 Garden Way, Ashland, OR, 97520

If you do send the deposit, please also email Deonesea at with agreements about the payment plan that works for you.  Ideally, we would be complete with payment by the start of the retreat, but if that's a hardship, it can be extended.


You will need to arrange your own lodging for your time here


Rooms at the Best Western Windsor Inn (transportation to and from the Goddess Temple will be proided)

Best Western



Camping on the Goddess Temple grounds is available for our group. The cost for camping is $15 per person per night, and that cost includes access to a shower and bathroom facility. PLEASE NOTE - in past years we had access to the hot springs and spa, but due to current restrictions that is no longer available. You can camp in your own individual tent or sleep together with other ladies inside the Red Tent on the Goddess Temple grounds.


If you are coming from afar and are not able to bring all of your own camping gear, you can check out this website to rent camping gear that would be delivered to you at the Temple and then picked up when you're done: 


NOTE: The weather in Ashland at that time of year can be warm in the day and still quite cold at night, so warm sleeping gear is needed.


If you are flying in, the closest and best airport is the

Medford, Oregon airport.  


It is a small airport just 20 minutes outside of Ashland.  We will be organizing airport pickup and drop off to and from your accommodations in Ashland.  


Buffet style dinner will be provided on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.  You will need to provide all of your own food for all other meals throughout the week/weekend.


We are offering shuttles to and from the airport for those of you flying in, as well as shuttles to the local co-op for food shopping. There are also some great local restaurants that offer delivery and Uber is available if you prefer to go into town for food.


If you are camping, we will be setting up a basic outdoor kitchen - coolers, camping stoves, a table or two.  Simple meal prep is best - due to shifts in what is available to us, accommodations on the Goddess Temple grounds will be very basic.


If you are staying at Lithia Springs Resort, the rooms have a mini-kitchen in which you'll be able to keep and prepare food.

I am available to help if you have any questions, so do be in touch and ask away!

I am so excited to be with you all!!


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