• Jumana Sophia

Are "Her" Mysteries for Christians?

In response to the following inquiry:   I feel a little awkward asking, but you have to start somewhere! I know your teachings and curriculum are open to all paths and spiritual practices, but coming from a "Christian' background, I was wondering if you could tell me if you have women in your groups who subscribe to Christian beliefs, as I do. So much of it seems contrary to what we regard as "Scripture' and yet in other ways, it really doesn't. I'm a little confused at this stage of my journey, so just thought I would ask if you have Christian women in your groups or mentorships. Thanks!

Dear One,

I am so happy you reached out.......your question is a really relevant one and I can see how it would seem potentially contradictory or confusing, depending on how it is all held.

I do have women in the school from many religious as well as cultural backgrounds.  Some are Christian, some Muslim, some gnostic, some Jewish, Buddhist, pagan, undefined.  Really it's quite a range, and they have all felt enriched in their traditions rather than put into conflict with them.

I believe that this is for a few reasons.  First of all, though I am not identified as exclusively Christian, I have a deep love and respect and connection with the living Christ.  I also spent several years with Islamic sufis, and found a deep love and respect for Islam.  I would say in many ways actually one of the greatest attributes of the school is that it acknowledges and incorporates the Abrahamic faiths rather than reacting to them as too "patriarchal" or I don't know.......not "Goddess" enough. :)

Her Mystery School brings women on a journey into the authentic truth of the deep feminine that lives and moves in each of them.  In a way this deep feminine current, you in your power and joy and knowing as a woman, is a gift you then bring to your chosen tradition.  In the way you pray, the way you serve, the way you embody or relate to scripture.....all of this can be deeply enlivened and brought to light in such an incredible way for you, the more intimate you become with who and how you thrive as Woman, as God made you to be.

During the nine months we do consider some more ancient pre-Christian texts that praise feminine divinity, but this is as exploration.  We also consider some aspects of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity......one whole month is dedicated to the Heavenly Mother (Mother Mary) and the immaculate conception, and also Jesus himself. 

I think Her Mystery School, since it is so focused on facilitating personal revelation, rather than presenting "how it is," would actually be a very well suited place for you to clarify and grow on this part of your journey.  Though we touch into various traditions, the primary focus is on authentic personal revelation, and self-sourced truth.

I would be honored to have you join us.  I think with your background and devotion to your tradition you would bring a level of richness and gift to the school that would be wonderful for me and for every else.