• Jumana Sophia

Are Trans-Women Welcome in the School?

In response to the following inquiry:   Hi, I  wanted to ask about the polices around the inclusion of trans women in your courses/schools/etc. Some women's groups exclude trans women, & while I'm not trans myself, many of my loved ones are, so I make a practice of only supporting women's orgs that aren't trans-exclusive. I couldn't tell one way or another from your website so I wanted to check. Thanks!

Dear One,

I am so grateful you reached out with this question because it is definitely something worth clarifying. First would be to say that trans women are absolutely welcome in all that I offer.  The only requirement for participation, particularly with the longer 9 month mystery school, is authenticity and respect and a true deep desire to understand what "woman" is, in and as each of us.  In many ways, all of what I've created, and particularly the journey of Her Mystery School, seems to me to be a place that would be incredibly rich and supportive to the trans gender experience, since that experience is all about really understanding and aligning with what it truly means to step into fullness as a woman.  

Not to mention the very unique and illuminating perspectives trans women would bring, having had to gather a whole other incarnation of courage and sense of womanhood.  It's such a brave and authenticity-demanding journey.

The only thing I think is worth noting is that for trans gender women there would be varying levels of needing to translate some of the content.  When it moves into ovarian or womb-based practices for example, trans women would need to really embrace the reality that the organs themselves are less the point than the particular qualities of feminine  presence that dwell within.  Totally possible to cultivate even if the organs are not present, but it would require a subtle shift and what I would imagine would actually be a welcome awareness that Woman is much more and beyond the bodies we're born with.     

I hope you and/or some of your trans wise women friends will feel called!  It would be an honor and a source of real inspiration to have you join.