"My goodness my heart thanks you for everything. 

You blew me away. I've been in the healing arts for 10 years with continuous seminars, reflection, etc. What you offered is so completely profound, powerful, healing, genuine and authentic. It has made a deep impact on my healing and wellbeing. 

I want to thank you for the courage you had and have to talk about the things that we as women really needed to come together on and work through, and for providing the utmost safety in that. I felt so safe. And safety is one of the most healing things for me.

The safety you provided gave me the space to be truly honest with myself to see what I was feeling deep in the caverns...that which needed to be acknowledged in order to allow it to release and heal. And you were so genuine and real with it at the same time.

From my heart, mind, body and spirit, I thank you for being who you are and for everything you offer. I want you to know that you impacted me deeply. 

All I have for you is unconditional love, gratitude and appreciation."  ~ ANU

"You are an amazing guide and woman. I am so grateful that I came across you and your teachings for they have connected me to my own being in ways that all the noise and static of the world had prevented me from experiencing before."  ~ LLUVIA

"Thank you again for the work you are doing. It’s so important. I am finding that your teachings are helping me to connect with my intuition in a way that is quite unique in comparison to some of the techniques I've been taught. I have to admit that I am often put off by the spiritual work of a lot of people out in the world, but I appreciate your grounded approach and welcome the wisdom you convey—which is ancient (you are clearly a lineage bearer) and so needed on this planet."   ~ NIRMALA


"Please excuse the epithet - sometimes the only way I know to infuse my statements with the energy I desire is to swear- but may I just say:  you are a f*#king EXTRAORDINARY writer and orator.  Simply unparalleled in my experience.  

I find myself wanting to stop the transmissions over and over so I can capture the poetic brilliance of your words...not simply the teaching but the FORM of the teaching.  I feel so nourished and met and blessed...I am all happy weepy as I write this. Thank you so much.



"I have been needing something that speaks to my soul. There is something about your meditations that speak to a part of me that really needs to be spoken to. It's bringing me a peace, a calm, a connection that I haven't been able to experience in a while. You've somehow managed to remind me of who I was before this disease took over. I can't put into words the appreciation I have for you right now. Your words take me to this place where I can rest within myself. My own words and reminders have not been enough lately to calm me in the same way yours have. Thank you."


"Jumana has the gift: the gift of authenticity, the gift of kindness, the gift of a genuine guide who can help you discover the answers within yourself. In my experience, this gift is not at all a common thing. It cannot be taught, it cannot be explained.  In a way which is welcoming to all who come, she takes you down the path to find your own voice and discover your own true song. If you have an opportunity to work with her in any way, I recommend it! She has helped me change my life."    ~ ELLEN


"I have been trying to write a thank-you to you for days now, but I haven't been able to find the right words. The last month of teachings has been both so subtle and so potent, so primal and so refined.  It's amazing that all of this power and wisdom is hidden in plain sight - right at our centers, in our core.  Thank you for helping to lift the veils, and help us establish a new relationship with ourselves.  I really appreciate your voice and all of the support, gravity, and love is wrapped in your tone."    ~  JESSICA

"Dear DEAR Jumana,

You astonish me with your exquisitely articulate ability to communicate from the heartwomb of The Mother. This is so very perfect, speaking to my womansoul, and timing amazes, so necessary now. 




"I want to thank you for this work, it is so extraordinarily beautiful, deep, necessary. I am awed by what is coming in now."   ~ KARUNA

"Feeling drenched in gratitude for our temple....and the mystery practices you invoke. Long- lost- found sister feeling with you tonight. All I can say is... I so adore you and admire how you show up.  I love the reminder you are...for me."   ~ MARINA

"I was not on the live call and listened to the recording couple of days later. It was amazing. I just listened to it again and every time I get a better understanding of the process and it becomes easier as my body gets lighter every time. Thank you so much for this amazing gift, just what I needed at this time in my life.

Someone up there loves me a lot to have brought me to this program, thank you for such life changing processes."    ~ CHEETRA

"I have to tell you that I am so impressed with your ability to share your deep and subtle sense of the feminine.  I can tell you have lived deeply into what you are sharing with us."  ~ HEATHER


"I can't find the words to express my extreme respect and gratitude for Jumana's work. I have never, ever had anyone come even a little bit close to identifying my heart and soul the way Jumana does. I'm half alarmed and half relieved that she dials into my psyche like a surgeon. Can I gush more without embarrassing myself? Really, Jumana, you have opened my mind to a whole new level of thinking, and I'm someone who regularly challenges herself to reinvent and practice intense self-reflection. The level of sacred tenderness you present is absolutely mind-blowing and for that I am so thankful that you've chosen to follow your path and give to women what you know. In this modern day desperate cultural estrangement from the Goddess, I can now begin see and feel Her as a living presence, and not just a figurine on a pendant around my neck . Thank you for your Gifts of love and beauty."   ~ ALICE