Priestess Council is just an space holder name for us gathering once a month, on video, as a focalized Medicine council.  This is not an "official" HMS offering.  It is a way to stay connected and to deepen while I am on healing sabbatical for the next year, particularly for those of you who are drawn to True Nature or ordination.


PRE-REQUISITE:  Completion of Core Curriculum and Queen's Command 

BASIC DETAILS:  This includes first and second year calls, as well as one monthly video council call specific to Priestess Council, focalized by Jumana.  The schedule for our council calls will be undecided until I have a good idea of everyone who will be joining us, as I want to make these calls as accessible as possible regarding time zones. 

The only content you will be receiving from Priestess Council are the recordings of the live calls we will be having once a month, there is no additional curriculum.

IMPORTANT!  For those of you who have already registered for True Nature (as of July 24th),

you have the option of a private ritual session with Jumana.  

Make sure to watch the video for details.

After you watch the video, if you have more specific questions, please send them on to

Priestess Council


Registration is offered on a sliding scale.  Please choose what is most generous AND easeful for you.

BONUS with full pay:  Two free master classes with Jumana, value $110.