Depth and Mastery in the Priestess Arts

Nine Months of Refinement and Initiation on Your Path as Sacred Woman

with Jumana Sophia 

Limited to 13 women, completion of first year required.  Begins September 28th, 2019.

The program will include:

  • Monthly transmissions

  • Monthly focused mastery practices

  • Twice monthly live group calls

  • Four private, one hour calls with Jumana - before we begin, three months in, six months in, and at the end

  • Applied and active priestess service

  • Certification in the lineage of Her Mystery School

  • Ceremonial Self-Initiation

Each month we will journey far deeper into the aspects of the deep feminine held by the school, from the perspective of women who feel called to walk as priestess, and who want to develop mastery and integrity on that path.  


Whether your path as priestess is a quiet, hidden one, or a more public, revealed one, these nine months will deepen your faith, strengthen your knowing, and bring you into the level of integrity and devotional care necessary to serve as priestess in ways that are nourishing, safe, and true to you, as well as to those you serve.

Whatever role you feel called to as sacred woman - mother, ceremonialist, teacher, healer, artist, lover, midwife, death walker, however She calls you - these nine months will be a time of holding, deepening, and profound, focused support.

This container is deliberately intimate, so that I can provide the level of support, energetic tracking and reflection it deserves.  

DONATION:  Sliding Scale $255-455/month

Admission is open now and will remain open until all 13 spaces are full.  A deposit of the first month's donation as well as a personal statement of intention are required to hold your space.  For guidance on completing the personal statement, click HERE.  An interview may be required to make sure this is a good fit and an appropriate time for you.  It will be epic to walk a deep walk with the 13 of you who are called.


Each month we will deepen into both an internal sensibility (energetic integrity) and a practical, applied art of the priestess (walking the talk, sacred acts of power in the world)  

In addition, we will explore the vows associated with each month, and how they form a fundamental architecture that can be either strengthening or imprisoning.

This will be a place where veils are more lifted and we will look together into the sometimes over-used and fantasized mysteries of the Magdalene, the sexual consort, the priestess Queen, and many others.

We will also look to the deeper initiations of our hardships, and continue to refine the skills of empty presence, deep listening, and receptive seeing.  

The arts of magnetism vs. dispersion

Holding gates


Temple Keeping


The art of embodiment vs. transference


Influence, alchemical receptivity


The arts of sexual union

Welcoming the God bearing stranger

Serving the Sacred Marriage



The arts of surrender vs. submission

Laying to rest

Rites of initiation

The passage


The art of invisibility as power



Conscious Incubation


The arts of coherency, containment

Navigating the collective 

Ceremonial and ritual arts


The word, the symbol, the dream

Unapologetic self-authority

Speaking oracular wisdom for others


The art of the descending current

Washing, baptism


Holding confessional



The arts of strength and liberation from lineage



Following the Call