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One-On-One Support

At any point during your time with the school, you may find yourself facing unexpected and very personal challenges in life, or unearthing aspects of yourself that are unfamiliar, or even overwhelming to you.


One on one sessions with a mentor are for these times.

These sessions are nourishing and empowering, and tailored towards your specific need. Jumana is not available for private sessions, but the mentors are both deeply trusted, mature, and experienced women that she has worked with personally, and recommends wholeheartedly, for women who feel the need for extra support. 



One 60 minute private session via your choice of phone, Skype or Zoom.

Please Note: both of the Mentors are well versed in all of the transmissions and practices of the school, as they've been through the school themselves many times. If your need is more related to a specific teaching of the school rather than the areas of expertise noted below, just know that you can choose to schedule a session with the Mentor who you feel most drawn to.

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Deonesea La Fey

Sexuality and Intimacy Mentor

and Temple Dance Teacher


Jamila Suzanne

Oracular Dreaming and

Medicine Woman Mentor

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