The Queen's Command curriculum of Her Mystery School is potent, multi-layered and rich, as knowing Her is a never-ending revelation...and it is a lifelong devotion.  Women enrolled in the core curriculum of the school reflect that each month could actually become an entire 9 months of exploration, and that every time ​they listen to a transmission again, they hear something they've never heard before.  This is surely true of the Queen's Command transmissions, as well.

This has partly to do with the nature of Her, veiling and revealing Herself as She will.  It also has partly to do with the nature of a revelatory deep feminine approach - the school is living and so are you.  Every moment you are different, every day a new dawn.  Wisdom arrives for all of us when we are ripe for it, not before, and She has no end.  ​

When you enroll in the first year of Queen's Command, you receive indefinite access to the transmissions.  This means that at your own pace and in your own rhythms, you can deepen, review, and work with the practices

for the rest of your life.

However, most of us find that structure, community, and a certain amount of rhythmic holding is a necessity if we are to really hold focus and maintain commitment to any path.  On the path of the deep feminine this is especially true, because most of us live in a world that in very many ways does not consciously recognize Her, move according to Her principles, or support us in truly tending to the deep feminine soul.  Most of us also just simply desire to savor these teachings and ourselves, to fill the deep well, from here and forever to draw close to Her, to draw closer to ourselves.

The SECOND YEAR of Queen's Command was structured with the intention that women will have the option to walk another spiral of the 9 months, supported by the school, and enjoying the fruits of illumination that will come not only from encountering the transmissions again, but from encountering them in a new cycle of nine months, new life circumstances.  On a foundation of basic intimacy with the transmissions from the first year, each additional year offers an opportunity for deeper reflection, further integration, an even more powerful claiming of Her in you.  As we enter a new 9 month cycle together, each of us will be inhabiting different lives, meeting new challenges, crossing unfamiliar thresholds.  Our changing lives will initiate entirely new terrains of inquiry - teachings or practices that may not have fully "arrived" in the first year, will become all of a sudden intensely relevant and nourishing.  Second year will support you to fully savor the teachings, the nuance of inner terrain, and deep feminine sensibility that is growing in you as you continually deepen into your claiming.  

The second year offers several options for engagement. They are detailed below, but essentially, there are three levels of increasing support/commitment with the Queen's Command.  You'll see, too, that there is an option to work towards a "certificate of completion," for those of you who would be served by that in your work or development in the world.  

Though the first year stands alone, and is certainly a full immersion in its own right, the second year was created with the intention that we can all stay connected, and truly anchor into a web of support and deep feminine revelation that becomes lifelong.  



Go deeper through another spiral as a supported journey through the Queen's Command transmissions for 9 months, with access to the monthly calls. 

DONATION:  Sliding Scale $55-85/month




Walk the spiral again, taking it deeper to bring the journey more fully home by traveling through the 9 months with a group of women that gathers as a Queen's Council. 


Monthly Queen's Council Calls - live interactive video calls

facilitated by the Mentors

Access to the monthly calls with Jumana

Monthly written reflection practices 

Claim a more formal acknowledgment of your dedication and journey through the Queen's Command that culminates in a Certificate of Completion from Her Mystery School, through submission of the monthly written reflection practices.

(Claiming the Certificate of Completion is Optional)

DONATION:  Sliding Scale $110-155 /month




Add a Mentorship to either Second Year Essential or

Second Year with Queen's Council

A monthly one-on-one mentorship with a Priestess of Her Mystery School, in the form of one 60 minute personal session each month.  You can choose to work with the same Mentor as  you did in your first spiral through, or you can choose to work with a different Mentor.

Mentorships are meant to support you in specific ways, and to give you a place of personalized additional support as you apply and integrate the teachings of the Queen's Command into your own life, your own challenges, and desires for growth.  


Currently, mentorships are offered with the following focuses:

Aphrodite's Ecstasy

Recover and luxuriate in the magnetism, pleasure, and radiance of your sensuality.

(with Deonesea LaFey)

Alchemy of Intimacy

Cultivate empowerment from past and present entrapment/dysfunction patterns in intimate relationships.  

(with Deonesea La Fey)

Oracular Dreaming

Explore and refine dreaming in both the sleeping and waking worlds.

(with Jamila Suzanne)

Medicine Woman

Woven through time, the Medicine Woman archetype speaks many languages, inhabits each and every culture uniquely and comes in many shapes, sizes & forms.

Who is SHE in you?

(with Jamila Suzanne)

Devotional Self-Care

Transform lifetime patterns of overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety, and self-neglect into nourishing rhythms that foster radically empowered deep feminine ease and radiance.

(with Jasmine Patten)

Spirited Business

How do you navigate the world of business as a woman on a deep feminine spiritual path?  

Shift overwhelm, lack of focus, and isolation to peace, focus, and support.

(with Jasmine Patten)

For MORE info on all mentorships, CLICK HERE.