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with Jumana Sophia and Isa Lara Marié


April 6th, 2024 11-12:30 PST; 12:30-1 followup discussion

(This immersion will be recorded)

We, the women, are the boundary keepers.   

In this immersion, Jumana and Isa will bring together the deep feminine wisdom stream of HER Mystery School with the shamanic technique of Toltec Recapitulation.  


Toltec Recapitulation is an ancient shamanic energy/breath technique used to retrieve energy from any situation in which you have dissipated it, most especially the residue of all sexual relationships left in your womb. 


These accumulated energies in all of us - energies that the shamans call the "heavy energies" of the world - weigh us down and affect our life. Through Toltec Recapitulation you will learn how to clear and clean your womb space, your "dreaming organ", and your light body from all foreign energies. This is an essential cultivation for the reclamation of your true essence, and the establishment of a clear relationship to your intuition.


Together we will restore sanctity to our sexuality, we will unburden the impacts of our sexual history, and we will retrieve any power lost through past experiences. Enrollment in HER Mystery School is not a requirement, but students of the school will find this to be a powerful deepening of our work with the Sacred Bowl, restoration of virginity, and clearing of the womb.   

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April 6th, 2024



About Jumana Sophia

Jumana is the founder of HER Mystery School, an internationally recognized women's mystery school. She is also the former co-director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, the founder of Aquamystica ministry and water temple, and one of DailyOM's bestselling course authors. She holds the deep feminine mysteries with a safe, soulful, inclusive, powerful, yet practical mastery. Over the past three decades of immersive study, practice, and refinement she has fostered an integrity of presence and an authentic, living wisdom that her community both deeply trusts and loves.

For Jumana, the deep feminine path is less an exclusive spiritual path, and more of a True approach, an indwelling presence. The terrain of the holy feminine is both mystical and mundane, a full-spectrum, embodied realm of revelation that consistently escapes capture in the confines of ideology, even mythology.  
SHE is a living force, alive in every woman. Although unwilling to be captured or confined, when we turn towards Her, She will make Herself known.  

About Isa Lara Marié


Isa Lara Marié works as a channel and healer in service to All That Is. Isa offers energy medicine/shamanic work, channeling, mediumship, and body-centered psychotherapy. Her training includes a 6 year apprenticeship with a mystic and shaman as well as Hakomi certification from founder Ron Kurtz, and many other body -centered psychotherapy modalities. Her work is a blend of the Toltec shamanic lineage, along with angelic/galactic guidance. Isa offers in-person, as well as remote healing sessions and teaches energy medicine/shamanic trainings and prayer field healing groups. 


Isa serves as a bridge between the spirit realm and this realm. The essence frequency which moves through her is Grace. The soft, allowance of divine healing of non-doing or surrendering to what is and opening to the divine light. She is dedicated to helping others “re-member,” to weave back together disconnected parts into the wholeness of the Self and to bring back into the light that which has been separated. She is committed to illuminating and moving energy wherever there is challenge in order to re-establish equanimity and fulfill dreams. 

Learn more about Isa HERE.  



April 6th, 2024


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