A Teaching and Practice from Her Mystery School

This practice is a core practice for recovering the confidence and trust in both yourself and life (and love) that is often severed or severely compromised by experiences of betrayal. If you feel like past betrayals just seem to linger and continue to impact your life, or to seem unresolvable, this is often because even though you may have moved on from the circumstance or relationship of betrayal, you most likely still carry a disrupted relationship to your own knowing and your trust in your own discernment, your value, your ability to choose wisely.   

The Recovery of Knowing practice is a practice from the month of Oracle, which is the seventh month in the nine month journey of Her Mystery School.  It is very accessible, but I do want to clarify what is meant by two terms in the practice.  For the purposes of this practice, "Oracular Poise" refers simply to vertical alignment.  Imagine your head in alignment with your heart, which is also in alignment with your root/womb or pelvic bowl.  Then, to have a sense of what is meant by "Earth Star" and "Celestial Star," imagine a glowing presence within the earth that aligns right beneath you, and a star aligned right above you.  They simply anchor and nourish you.  These are pieces that are developed elsewhere in the school, but they are not necessary or a real focus for this practice.  Just let yourself line up and center however it is that you do.  

This practice bundle is being offered on a sliding scale donation of $20-55.  When you click to purchase below it will give you the option to pay what you can, and then you will be able to download the audios.  Note that you may need to download to a computer and iTunes, then sync with your phone, rather than to download directly to your phone.  

There is a short teaching, then a guided practice, as well as written inquiry questions for both preparation before and integration after the practice. You can work with this in whatever way you feel guided.  It may be enough to just work with it one time.  You may choose to work with it every time you're feeling an upsurge of emotion around a past betrayal.  You could also commit to working with it once a day for 3 - 7 days to take it deep and thorough.  

It's time to love the You that knows what you know, in the perfect way that you know it, and to renew an alliance with your own discernment that will put past betrayals in the past and open up a future of trust, confidence, and authentic relationships that honor you. Blessed Be!





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Artist:  Christian Schloe