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REFUGE: A Guided Ritual of Homecoming and Deep Feminine Soul Retrieval

About REFUGE - 2021 HER Mystery School's Early Registration Gift

Welcome home.  Or welcome back, those of you who are joining to deepen for another year. 
We begin together on September 6th of this year, but your journey with the school begins now, at this moment of saying yes to the call and opening the door.  Your early registration helps us so much - enabling us to begin to prepare for you - and it also allows you to start gently attuning to the 9 month journey ahead.
My gift to you, in gratitude and support of your presence here, is REFUGE: A Guided Ritual of Homecoming and Deep Feminine Soul Retrieval.  
I created REFUGE with two intentions:
First, to either introduce or deepen your direct experience of the foundational deep feminine principles we'll be working with throughout the school.
Second, to offer a place of refuge, a guided companionship for those times when you just need to come Home, but might be a little too overwhelmed or tired or blown out to get there.  
REFUGE invites you to shelter from the push and pull of the world to a place where you can hear, feel, and know what's true for you, what you need, what you ARE.  Where you can nourish, settle, soothe and receive guidance from a clearer place.  
I call this "deep feminine soul retrieval" because it is a simple and ongoing practice of gathering yourself in from all the places you may have been, all the places and relationships, conversations and experiences that have captured your attention and essence and dispersed your power.  We come Home to this moment, the only moment where healing, remembrance, and guidance exist in truth.  
This is an ideal practice for when you are anxious, exhausted, confused, or off-center.  When you feel lost or when you know that you need a little help dropping under all the static and voices outside of you to hear your own deeper wisdom.  
This is intended to be a one hour guided personal ritual of sorts, though you can certainly make it longer if you wish.  Find a time (or just insist on it and take it!) where you can be in a quiet, undisturbed space for at least this hour.  You can take some time to make your space as luxurious and lovely as you like, but most importantly, keep it as simple as it needs to be so that you actually DO this.  Don't let it become a more complicated experience than it needs to be - it is intended to serve and nourish you, not ask more of you.  
When you are settled and ready, you can begin.  We'll start together with a video, and then you'll be moving through three phases of Homecoming, through simple guided practice and integration.  We will then complete together with a video as well.
You can use this as many times as you want or need - it is a REFUGE for you.
I am so looking forward to walking this 9 months together,

A Guided Ritual of Homecoming and Deep Feminine Soul Retrieval

Welcome to Refuge.


Set aside about an hour in a place where you will be undisturbed.  Begin with the first video (6 minutes), which will help set the space and bring you in.  From there, you will listen through the three audios in succession, from Alignment, to Atmosphere, to Absorption.  You can take as much time as you wish in between each, but if you want to stay within your hour you might not take so much time.....they are 14, 8 and 20 minutes long.  Then make sure to complete with the final video (5 min).  It's important to transition out of the space with a certain amount of mindfulness.


To get the most out of this guided ritual of Homecoming:

1.  Come as you are, and stay authentic with what you actually feel.

2.  Don't ask this to fix or change or magically overhaul your life :)  Just come to the deep well and drink.  Take refuge and then return to your world renewed, re-centered, and far more resourced.

3.  Let me, my words, and the structure of this hold you.  Fall into it.  Let yourself drift or sink or get bored or bliss out, but regardless, give yourself this full hour.  There will be benefits you are immediately aware of, benefits you'll become aware of later, and some you won't ever even fully know.  But this is a potent, gentle form of soul retrieval.  Let yourself be guided into presence by the companionship of my intention and my words.




Begin with this video:

Continue by listening to the three audios below in this order:

Refuge - Alignment

Refuge - Atmosphere

Refuge - Absorption

Then complete with this final video:

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