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Throughout the year, we hold various offerings outside of HER Mystery School that are open to everyone. These offerings are either focalized by Jumana or one of the mentors of the school, Deonesea and Jamila. All of the information for current offerings is listed below.


A Series of Guided Deep Feminine Immersions with Jumana Sophia

Restoring Your Holy Alliance with the Deep Feminine Power of Darkness, Light, Wisdom, Love, Courage, Faith, and the Death That is Life

NOTE:  These are recorded webinars from the group journey 2020-2021, so you will work through the ritual immersion at your own pace.  Though they were timed with the seasonal wheel, their relevance is not limited to particular times of the year.  These are practices and sensibilities that bring sustenance to all the changing seasons of your life.  


Buttons to purchase are in the tabs above. See the second half of the rituals below.

Journey through the seasonal wheel (or the changing seasons of your life) with eight initiatory experiences into deep feminine arts that forge trustworthy alliances with darkness, light, wisdom, love, courage, faith, and the death that is life.

These are recorded immersions that include:

  • 90 minute webinar: Initial teaching and shared practice in the deep feminine tradition

  • A guided audio practice for ongoing cultivation, sourced from HER Mystery School curriculum

  • Introduction of a ritual art

  • Guided personal ceremony for the holy day

  • 60 minute webinar: Completion, integration and claiming


Available singly or as a full 8 part series.  


COST:  $30/single; $205/series of eight

Purchase of the Complete Series Includes FRUITION - a Guided Integration of All Eight Sacred Arts

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