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Reclamation of Deep Feminine Sacred Needs

This half-day immersion with Jumana is designed for passionate, sensitive women who suffer with the ache and confusion of yearning, unmet longing, and the desperation, the isolation that can result.

You were made for fulfillment. You were made to ripen on the vine.

Your deeper yearning, as invisible or invalidated as it may be in our current overculture, is a fullness in and of itself.  

It is a deep knowing that can be trusted, not confirmation of a perceived personal deficit or life's betrayal.

It's simple.

Your sacred needs just won't rest until they're met.

To be cherished.

To be seen.

To be sheltered.

To be free.

To be taken.

To honor.

To be honored.

Our very wise deep feminine sacred needs are suffocating under the relentless denial of an overstimulated and desensitized overculture.

We internalize this denial and the desperation, hopelessness, frustration, and amnesia that it creates.  Carrying that into our intimate relationships, we s0ur what could be sweet, we unconsciously push away that which we long to receive.


What to do?


To fight the overculture is to lose power, turning sacred need toward that which will only manipulate or diminish it.

To turn unbridled and untended yearning towards our intimate relationships is to suffocate them with desperation.


To cultivate deep feminine skillful means is to gather power, nourishing and honoring sacred need so that it guides us, and our intimate relationships, to their own fulfillment.

Join me for a half day immersion in the cultivation and tending of deep feminine sacred needs.  We will turn together toward the deep feminine wisdom stream of HER Mystery School, and we will Change. This. Game.  

Ripe and Ready includes:

  • 60 minute recorded opening webinar devoted to clarifying the nature, realities, and holy trustworthy beauty of sacred needs.  This sets the foundation.

  • 90 minute recorded video meeting to get practical, connect, and move some energy.

This is about fundamentally changing the way you relate to your deeper yearnings, your intimate relationships, and more broadly, the world.  We will enter practice, inquiry, reflection, and accountability together.  You will be guided to identify your own sacred needs and to make authentic, life changing shifts in how you relate to and with them.  There will be depth teaching as always, but we're going to break it down and get very practical too.  You will gather the knowing of why to tend sacred needs, but also specifically how you can do that in your own life right now.

Included will be a deeper exploration of three commonly shared and misunderstood sacred needs:

The need to be cherished - relating to emotional intimacy.

The need to be taken - relating to sexuality.

The need for truth - relating to the current collective bewilderment.

I look forward to sharing this time with you,

With love,


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A Reclamation of Deep Feminine Sacred Needs


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