A 9 Month Mentorship with Jasmine Patten

Leave overwhelm, exhaustion, and self-neglect behind.

Welcome in radically empowered deep feminine ease and radiance! 

Through this mentorship, you'll integrate the teachings of Her Mystery School into your everyday life through embodied inquiry, permanently upgraded self-respect and deep self-care.  You will confront and liberate yourself from all the ways you compromise your essential self, and habitually marginalize your own needs.

 You will become your own most fiercely loving, trusted ally, and companion yourself with the true devotion necessary to maintain the vitality and radiance that are yours to tend in this life.


 Most of us certainly were never taught how to properly care for ourselves in a deep feminine way.  Our cultures, as estranged from deep feminine sensibilities as they have been, just usually don't have that wisdom to give.  And in many cases, we have been actively discouraged and conditioned to neglect, bury, and compromise the simple sacred needs that, if met, would guide us to infinitely more fulfillment, empowerment, and capability.     


Despite the external circumstances we each face, and the stretch that is often called for by our responsibilities, a large percentage of the stress that most women feel stems from the way they relate to their own needs, the way they marginalize themselves, the way they compromise what should be non-negotiable.


    This fundamental disharmony will eventually manifest in a multitude of ways - emotional, psychological, or physical distress - and will eventually force us to slow down, take stock, and re-orient to a more respectful relationship with ourselves.       


If you’re experiencing overwhelm, anxiety, exhaustion, disconnection from vitality or the feeling of being stuck in your life, this mentorship is structured to give you the nourishing support and the external accountability to make tangible shifts that give you more peace, energy, clarity, and centered presence.  


The premise of our work together during this mentorship is that the body never lies and she tells the truth clearly and quickly.  We’ll create graceful ways to integrate the Mystery School teachings into your life, and all the particular circumstances that are unique to you.  Connect with YOUR body and her rhythms, and allow her to show you the easeful path to practicing self-care and experiencing way more pleasure.  


This mentorship includes:

  • Deep one-on-one coaching that meets you exactly where you are. (One 60 minute session per month)

  • Embodiment practices, journaling inquiries and meditations

  • Loving, gentle and clear accountability to your deepest truth

  • E-mail support in between sessions


“The 3 C’s of life: Choice, chance, and change.  You must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything to change.”



Topics explored as we move through the 9 month core curriculum of Her Mystery School:


Homecoming:  Craft a juicy North Star Statement of power-filled intention for your 9 month journey


Communion:  Navigating by your North Star, practicing discernment and choice


Paradise:  Foundations of self-care - simple, delicious pathways to more radiance


The Descent:  Shedding the “shoulds” and relaxing into yourself


Dark Mother:  Pace is grace - tune in to nature’s rhythms for deep support


Alchemista:  Sync with your moon cycle for optimum health and efficiency


Oracle:  Partner with your body to guide your explorations and decisions


Heavenly Mother:  Identify and hone the practices that truly nurture and nourish you


Priestess:  Celebrate your accomplishments and transformations, Claim your victories! 

"Through mentorship with Jasmine, my second year journey through HMS was deep, rich and nourishing.  My sessions with her truly helped me translate and ground the mystery of the Sacred Feminine into my own body and way of Being.  She held compassionate, sacred space and was a loving mirror as, together, we uncovered and breathed life into authentic pieces of myself that were aching to be embraced and honored".    

- Leah R.

About Jasmine

Jasmine Patten is a business and self-care coach for creative entrepreneurs and freedom loving women. Her passion is supporting women to work less and live more through getting in touch with their own inner wisdom.  She loves helping her clients create systems for efficiency and rhythms for nourishment so that life flows with more grace and ease.


She has been an entrepreneur for 20 years, and is also a devotee of self-care, a dedicated student of her body, and a lover of nature.  Jasmine has studied with Jumana for the last 9 years in lovely Ashland, OR, where she calls home.


When she’s not working with clients, laughing with friends, or exploring the beauty of Southern Oregon (by foot or by kayak), you can find her at



If you have questions about the mentorship, or would like to know more about Jasmine and want to see if it’s a fit to work together, you can schedule a 30 minute complimentary Discovery Session by clicking on the button below.

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