Deep Dive Series 

Exploring Feminine Eroticism - Sexuality that’s Embodied,

Sensual and Real

August 2020

with the Her Mystery School Mentors

For our Summer Deep Dive Series, we are making three practices available from the nine month program of Her Mystery School.  This is a beautiful way for you to take in some potent practices and tools for yourself, while getting a taste of Her Mystery School during the summer break.  


Each of these three practices is drawn from a different month of the school - Homecoming, Oracle, and Heavenly Mother - and applied specifically to feminine sexuality.


Sovereign will help you understand and differentiate your sacred self from others, so you can enter intimacy from a place of power and connected sovereignty.

Yoni Whispering will connect you with the deep rooted ally that resides within you.

Queen of Heaven will support you in finding a sense of embodied holy eroticism in your being.


You can read more about each of the calls below. 


Sovereign: Poise and Periphery ~ August 5, 11am PST

Yoni Whispering: Luscious Listening ~  August 12, 11am PST

Queen of Heaven: Holy Eroticism ~ August 19, 11am PST

If you would like to participate but cannot make the class times,

you can register and receive the replays.


Poise and Periphery

with Jasmine Patten

Working with the Sovereign practice will bring you a very palpable and embodied sense of yourself as distinct from others.  We explore the concepts of Poise and Periphery (self and other), using them to support you to come home to yourself.  From this place of deep connection with YOU, you'll be able to understand what is yours and what is not, what feels good and what doesn't, and what truly speaks to your soul. 

Yoni Whispering:

Luscious Listening


with Jamila Suzanne

Sometimes we override the capacity to hear what our body is saying, requesting or needing.  Yoni whispering (or screaming, as the case may be) is an opportunity to give voice to your vulva.  The art of listening to the wisdom of your womb ranges from subtle to substantial in both felt sense and cognitive message.  Jamila will share how honing your internal listening amps up the volume for correct action and sacred shared space.

Queen of Heaven: 

Holy Eroticism

with Deonesea La Fey

Too often sexual experiences can feel overly focused on physical acts and not so much on  emotional and spiritual expressions. Over time those experiences can leave a woman feeling depleted and depressed. But when a woman knows herself as a vessel of both heaven and earth, she knows herself as both holy and erotic...and she then brings that to every sexual encounter. In this class we will explore what it is to be Heavenly Queen of your sexuality.

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