"It is I who am you:  and it is you who are me.

And wherever you are, I am there.

For I am sown in all:  and you collect me from wherever you wish.

And when you collect me, it is your own self that you collect."

~ The lost Gospel of Eve

In the middle month of our journey, we take pause for integration, renewal, and succor in the comforting embrace of Dark Mother.  

Dark Mother is to be encountered in the simple, the empty, the sacred mundane of the present moment.  

Seek out the nourishment of silence and slow time, decompress the illusory urgencies that press in from the outside, and courageously dissolve the self-created urgencies that imprison you in restlessness, regret, pretension, over-extension and lack of presence in your days.     

This practice is one of reclaiming the deep feminine regenerative power of the dark night, and the renewing substance of silence.  We will make a place in our world for being held, for accepting the embrace of an endless and mysterious Unknown, and for maturing into Women who cradle life and light and music in the depths of our own dazzling, soundless, fecund darkness.   

Week Two:  MYSTERY

Unknown, Unspoken, Un-named

Artist:  E R Hughes

(Night with Her Train of Stars)